Nami Island: Beautiful From Winter To Summer

A nation centered on people and nature co-existing, based on the ideas of a Mr. Minn Byeong-do back in the 60s, has transformed a once desolate island into a very prosperous endeavor.Chuncheon, Korea: Nami Island Trees in the sky

At only 63 kilometers from Seoul and accessible via a shuttle bus from Insa-dong or Jamsil, the subway, a normal bus from East Seoul Terminal or car Nami Island an easy day or weekend trip away from the city. What’s better, it’s a great destination from winter to summer. Each season offers a slightly different view but all of them are gorgeous. After arriving in the area, a visa, or ticket, is necessary to ride the ferry across the water to the island. For those extreme types, there is also a zip wire now running to the island from the main land as well.Nami Island, Chuncheon, KoreaNami Island, Chuncheon, Korea

Made as a result of the Cheongpyung Dam and cultivated over time, Nami Island (남이섬) successfully brings together nature and culture in a way that will leave all of your senses thrilled.

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A brief history: The island gets its name from a General Nami, who lived from 1441 to 1468. He became general at the young age of 17 under King Sejo. At the age of 26 he became the Minister of War after displaying courage and strength by containing the Riot of Yi Si-Ae and conquering Gyeonju. His life was cut short however when he was wrongfully convicted of high treason during the reign of King Yejong and was executed. The exact place of his burial is unknown, but a mound of rocks on Nami was believed by the villagers to be his grave. They believed that anyone who removed a rock from this place would bring bad luck to their family and so today there is a monument in this place for General Nami. His monument is the first thing that can be seen after getting off the ferry and walking into the park on the island.

Though the island offers some rides and activities to take part in, it is in no way a theme park. The island should be enjoyed by relaxing and taking in the nature as it was intended.

Nami Island, Chuncheon, KoreaFamilies can enjoy concerts, paddle boats, a small train that goes around the island and numerous recycling exhibits but these are hardly amusement park rides. Since the last time I was there nearly two years ago, they’ve added restaurants and more places to stay on the island as well. Aside from the main tree lined road made famous by the drama Winter Sonata where all of the exhibits and stages and rides can be found the rest of the island is rather quiet. There are fields where people can get together for a good game of whatever you enjoy and paths taking you in and out of different themed areas. There are benches and picnic tables everywhere to take in the beauty around you. There are also numerous birds, such as ducks and ostriches, rabbits, and more animals to happen upon as you meander around.

Nami Island, Chuncheon, Korea

If you’re headed to the Nami Island area and want a break away, try staying at the Club Inner Hotel & Resort to get pampered while seeing the sites. To be a bit more one with nature in the spectacular Gapyeong area, check out the Ecran Pension or the Florian Pension for a great stay in the hills.

Nami Island, Chuncheon, KoreaThe island only takes a few hours to cover. A whole day can easily be spent here enjoying the atmosphere and possibly a paddle ride and a game of frisbee. After seeing all that can be seen, as the area is famous for its dalkgalbi, or spicy stir friend chicken, there are numerous restaurants around the ferry dock offering this specialty. Get a ride back to the mainland on one of the frequently running ferries and take your pick of restaurants. Dalkgalbi is a combination of chicken, cabbage, spicy red pepper sauce, rice cakes and sweet potatoes stir fried right on the table. It’s a personal favorite and should always be eaten when visiting the Chuncheon area that made this dish famous.

If you’re looking to get away and want something easy without much effort to get to from Seoul, Nami Island is the place for you!

Nami Island (남이섬)


강원도 춘천시 남산면 방하리 198

198 Bangha-ri Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Korea

Phone: 031-580-8114

Hours: 8:00am – 9:00pm*

*The island does have lodging available for those hoping to stay on the island, however for those that will not sleep over the last ferry back to the mainland is around 9:00pm. Check times upon arrival.


Adults: W10,000*

*Discount available for foreigners.

Children: W4,000

Parking Fee: W4,000 per day


Nami Island, Chuncheon, Korea, Beautiful from Winter to Summer: Nami Island is a must see from winter to summer just outside of Seoul, Korea in Chuncheon. Requiring a ferry boat to get there, this island has cabins, fun and more for people looking to get away to a drama filming hot spot.

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  2. May 29, 2014

    […] could want in a summer festival from live music to camping on a beautiful island. Taking a trip to Nami Islandduring normal times is a must, but if you have the opportunity to head there while the festival is […]

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