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Having lived as an expat happily and successfully for more than a decade, I have a unique perspective on life and happiness abroad. My site features stories on where to travel, what to see and what to eat in Seoul and around Korea but also showcases our travels abroad to places like Nepal, China, Thailand, the US and where our feet carry us. It has also followed along as I started solo, got married and started a family abroad and I continue to share stories on the lifestyle of the everseeker and wanderluster within me and my growing family.

Why you should work with The Soul of Seoul.

An International Audience: The Soul of Seoul appeals to an international audience that is interested in Korean culture, food, music and travel here and abroad.

Photography & Writing: As a photographer and writer, I am always growing and learning but I always aim to make The Soul of Seoul not only visually appealing, but also stimulating and inspiring through words.

Experience: The Soul of Seoul has worked with numerous companies and brands and has a proven record of being honest, informative and providing engaging content to my readers allowing them to make the best travel and lifestyle decisions possible.

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Because I am often out and about working on articles for my site as well as other outlets, I have a unique perspective on trends and fads in Korea and have consulted for various companies, brands and agencies including Vans, Pinterest, Pepsi, The Futures Company and Kantar Futures. If you’d like me to sit in on a panel, discussion or work with your agency, please email me at [email protected] 

Collaboration Options

The Soul of Seoul is available to partner with brands in a variety of ways including: product reviews, giveaways, sponsored posts and advertisements or other unique promotional opportunities if they align with the theme and style of my site.

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