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How To Set The Table for Jesa

On Seollal, before anything else, family members awake very early to cleanse themselves and dress in nice clean clothes. They may even wear a Hanbok, a traditional Korean style of clothing. Next, the table will be set. The table setting varies from region to region and family to family, but there are some basic rules that are followed everywhere.

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Our Not So Romantic Holidays

I never had any pretenses about my husband lacking a romantic bone in his body after we ‘celebrated’ our 100 days together. In Korea, couples aren’t so much into celebrating months together like young couples in the States, but November On the Go: Hallie & Jae-oothey’re interested in the 100s. To reach the 100th day is auspicious and often couple rings are exchanged on this day, though at the time I didn’t know anything about this special day.


Glimpses of Seollal

This year we weren’t able to get down to Busan for the Lunar New Year, or Seollal 설날, to celebrate in the traditional manner with...

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We’re In The Korea Times Today

Today an article titled “Is dating harder for expat women?” was published in the Korea Times which featured a picture of me and my husband...