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Spring Flowers, Ohio 2

Cox Arboretum: Blooming Each Spring

These beautifully flowery scenes came from Cox Arboretum in Dayton, Ohio. Opened in 1962, it has been providing nature at its finest for anyone that hopes to come every day of the week without fail.

Seoul, Korea: Bukchon Spring Flowers 0

The Spring Flowers Are Blooming In Seoul!

Don’t waste a moment! As quickly as they bloom they are dashed away again, usually by the onslaught of heavy rain that comes at the start of summer. Some of best places to see the beautiful flowers are of course Yeouido, but also Changgyeongung Palace and the Bukchon area are sure to delight. Of course, parks, campuses and just down the street from wherever you reside is a surefire place to spot a flowering tree as well. So, wherever you are, instead of watching your feet step one two three down the street, glance to the sky and see what you can see and hopefully it’s a flowering tree.