About Me

I grew up in Dayton, Ohio and have always felt the urge to travel.

I took every opportunity given to me to see anything and everything that I could see from visiting family for vacations in Dallas, Texas and Denver, Colorado to driving from Ohio to San Francisco with a college buddy to help him move. I had my first opportunity to travel abroad when I was singing with the Kettering Children’s Choir. We got to see the Czech Republic and Austria and my family continued on to Germany. It gave me the jitters in a good way and made me want to see so much more. I visited France in my senior year of high school with our French Club and as soon as high school was over I moved myself down to Miami, Florida to see what the southern US had to offer.

After two years in Miami, I moved myself back to Ohio and completed my education at Ohio University. With four years of school finished, I wasn’t at all prepared for a desk job and so I moved to South Korea in 2006 without any knowledge of the country or language. What I thought would only be one year has since turned into many more. Seoul has been a great jumping off point to see Asia and the jobs here are plentiful.

I’ve been able to visit Japan, Beijing for the Lunar New Year celebrations, take a month long backpacking tour of Vietnam and Cambodia as well as six weeks in Nepal and northern India and South Korea itself has shown me many good times. In 2011, Jae-oo, a Korean national and the guitarist for long time band Every Single Day, and I were married and so my future in Korea looks like it’ll last even longer to my delight.

Give me a shout out on here and let me know  how your time in Korea has or is going. I hope it’s as spectacular as my time has been.

Ohio Wedding Day

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Also, if you’re on Etsy, check out my postcards. I can’t sit still when I’m watching TV so I put these together. When I need to feel busy I make postcards and I used to just send them on their way to friends. One of those friends suggested I try printing some up for others to enjoy and hopefully send some smiles to even more friends.  If nothing else, check them out to come up with ideas to make your own. ^^