Garak Market For Dinner

Garak Market (가락시장) was opened in 1985 and was the first public bulk market of it’s kind.

It was the Costco of Korea, before Costco came to Korea. It’s huge and there are warehouses divided into different sections including fruits, vegetables, fish, dried foods, meat and more. The prices are cheaper than in the supermarkets and get cheaper the more you buy, but the rule of thumb is that you have to buy big or go home. Have you been craving avocados? Well, if you’re interested in a whole sack, they’ve got ’em. Have you been looking for some meat to cook up for the holiday party? They’ve got enough to fill all of the bellies in the house.

If you just want to browse, make an afternoon of it with your friends and end your trip in the fish market where you can purchase some fish and have it sliced and diced right in front of you and then they’ll even take it to one of the nearby restaurants on the premises so that you can eat it up right then and there for dinner.Garak MarketGarak MarketGarak MarketThey’ve got every fishy food you could possibly desire from the fish with fins to the shelled goodies and even the fermented skate, or honga, that takes some time getting used to. Vendors yell back and forth trying to get attention to sell as much as they possibly can, but don’t let that deter you. Step confidently toward the seafood that you’re interested in and ask the price acting as if you know what you’re doing. They’ll adeptly and swiftly scoop the live fish, eel, or other delicacy out of the tanks and into a waiting basket before you know it. Don’t be pressured into buying once they’ve done this though. Buy what you want, as much as you want, and enjoy.

Garak MarketThe vendors already have the restaurants nearby on call, so before they’ve finished slicing, if you’ve made it known that you want to eat there, a waiter or waitress will be there to pick up your fish before you even have a chance to touch the bag and he or she will lead you to a waiting table. The fish is fresh and delicious and a perfect way to end a day.

Garak Market (가락시장)


서울특별시 송파구 가락동 600

600 Garak-dong Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea

Phone: 02-3435-1000


Bus: 101, 333, 401, 461, 2412, 3011, 3219, 3413, 3416

Subway: Garak Market Station, exit 8.

Hours: 24 hours, but late in the day the place is busy with restaurant owners and trucks taking goods to big retail shops so you may get lost in the hustle and bustle. It’s better to go in the afternoon or evening. The very lively auction runs from 6PM-9PM and is fun to watch, but after that the trucks pour in.

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    […] first time visitors with a deflated view. There are numerous other fish markets in Seoul, take the Garak Market (가락시장) in Songpa-gu for example, so we went expecting something grandiose and that is not what we […]

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