Bruise Cure = Egg?

“Put an egg on your bruise. You know an egg can suck out the bruise.”

I eyed him skeptically and then cracked up. (How fitting is that idiom right now?) I had never heard of this bruise remedy before and didn’t know if it was a my husband thing, a Korean thing, a his mother thing, or just a thing I’d never heard before. He wondered why I was laughing so much and I said I’d only ever heard of putting raw meat on bruises to cure them… though I’ve also never tried that “cure”.

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Hard Boiled EggsI’m still not sure where it came from, or if it works, but when I search for information on the internet directions pop up. According to this cure is an old idea but there is no scientific evidence behind it.


1. Boil an egg until it’s hard, the yolk shouldn’t be runny.

2. Crack the egg open, slice it and remove the yolk.

3. Wrap the egg along with a silver ring in a light handkerchief or napkin. Do this quickly so the egg is still warm, a cold egg will not help.

4. Apply the cloth covered egg to the bruise and rub until the egg has cooled. Do this a few times a day until the bruise is gone.

Some directions include the silver ring, some don’t. I’d imagine if you’re rubbing the bruise for a few days, the egg may not matter because a few days later the bruise would be gone anyway. Thoughts? Where did this “cure” originate and does it work? I mean, has anyone actually done this, because numerous people commented on other pages that their parents said the same thing, but they don’t say if it worked or not.

Also, yes, those are my hard boiled eggs in my fridge and they do have smiley faces on them. My grandmother scribbles on her hard boiled eggs so that in the fridge she can tell them apart from the ones that haven’t been cooked yet. Smart, right? I put smiley faces on mine because it makes opening the fridge that much more fun.

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5 Responses

  1. Ahad says:

    It originates from ancient China and it worked for me, but it’s probably the temperature that helps drain the blood away.

  2. Grannyscurefromhoipin says:

    Worked without the ring, just a boiled egg on any bruise. Has to be just bearable hot, I think it’s the heat that breaks up the bruise. Not sure if the egg really helps but I swear it’s bruise coloured afterwards Gone in a day pretty much

  3. Kimberly says:

    Worked for me…but. not a hard boiled egg. Boil the egg for exactly 8minutes, peel, and roll on the bruised area. It took away the black and bou

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