Mullae-dong: Street Art and Metal In Seoul

Sparks were flying from every direction and the sound of metal being beaten into submission filled our ears.

Gruff looking men covered in light layers of dust with sweat dripping from their foreheads stood or sat in the garages that lined the streets. We were walking through the small alley ways of Mullae-dong known for its metal works but now getting more and more coverage for artists that live there as well. We wanted to check out the art and graffiti the artists that have moved into the area have decorated the place with.

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Mullae-dong Street Art & Graffiti, Seoul, KoreaMullae-dong Street Art & Graffiti, Seoul, Korea Mullae-dong Street Art & Graffiti, Seoul, Korea

It’s one of those neighborhoods where things are not pristine and put together but rather piles of random objects spill from the buildings into the streets. Buildings are old and decrepit with paint peeling and cement disintegrating and have an appeal all their own. Seeing people that can still use their hands to make things and don’t spend all day sitting on computers is pretty charming as well. The alleys are small, but easy enough to walk through and navigate. As the graffiti and art is dispersed throughout the area, it’s best to zig-zag through the alleys from one end of the block to the other. On our second pass we realized we’d been passing artist studios that were shuttered up for the day only to be opened in the coming evening.

It’s best to take it slow and enjoy the atmosphere only an old dingy neighborhood like this can harbor.

Mullae-dong Street Art & Graffiti, Seoul, Korea

Around 2005 artists from Hongdae and Daehagno started flocking to the neighborhood for cheap rent and now scattered amidst the iron foundries and steel factories that heat up the place by day are artists’ studios that light up the place by night. They may not be there for much longer now though as building owners are raising rents in an effort to push artists out and talks by the government to redevelop the area are underway. Until they are pushed out though, it’s worth a visit day or night.Mullae-dong Street Art & Graffiti, Seoul, KoreaIf you’re looking for street art in Seoul, make sure to head to Hongdae for not only an artsy hunt but for live music too.

Know Where To Go!

Directions: Mullae Station Exit 7. At the first street on your left turn left and then an immediate right into a small alley begin searching down the alleys from there.

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Mullae-dong Street Art & Graffiti Neighborhood, Seoul, Korea: Mullae-dong is full of street art and graffiti in Seoul, Korea. The neighborhood makes for a good wander day or night. Photographs of what you'll see in this off the beaten path neighborhood south of the Han River.

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