Walking In The Marshes

Gangseo Marsh Ecological Park, Han Gang River park, Seoul, KoreaThe westernmost of the 12 Hangang Parks is the boggy and bird friendly Gangseo Marsh Ecological Park (강서습지생태공원). The park was established in 2007 and visitors can see numerous birds flying over wetlands and freshwater lakes surrounded with water loving plant species. The 8.5 kilometer long stretch of area gives people the opportunity to learn about migratory birds and offers eco-education programs as well as provides recreational grounds for soccer, basketball and croquet.Gangseo Marsh Ecological Park, Han Gang River park, Seoul, KoreaGangseo Marsh Ecological Park, Han Gang River park, Seoul, Korea

Trails lead away from the bike path where only pedestrians are allowed to wander, though you can’t roam too far as the trails are clearly marked and small fences line the paths. Visitors are welcome to a point as they must remember that this area is not only for them to enjoy nature, but it is also a place for nature to be preserved. The dirt trails link up to wooden bridges that crisscross the area and they are quiet as many people out this far west are the bicyclists speeding by on the pavement. The only sounds once on the trails are the birds squawking and tweeting in the nearby brush. Observatories  with telescopes and binoculars are available for people to get a closer view while still maintaining some distance, but expect these areas to be closed when AI is an issue, as it is currently according to signs posted in the park.

Gangseo Marsh Ecological Park, Han Gang River park, Seoul, Korea

Signs also warn visitors to look out for snakes, tell visitors where they might spot bunnies and warn bicyclists of deer in the area. All of that said, if you’re in the area, keep your eyes peeled! And one last thing to note, once you’ve gotten off the local bus and headed into the park, you will easily spot a convenience store and the area for bike rental. While there, stock up on on water, food and anything else you might need because once you head out into the paths, there won’t be much if you keep heading west. Wooden decks are set up for visitors to sit and rest when not on the trails and are a perfect place for a little picnic and respite away from the city within the city.


279-23, 27-gil Yangcheon-ro Gangseo-gu, Seoul

서울특별시 강서구 양천로27길 279-23


Banghwa Subway Station, exit 2 and hop on the Gangseo Maeul Bus 06. There are also different buses to the area and if you are nearby, Gangseo Maeul Bus 07 also goes to the park. The last stop is the Ecological Park (생태공원)

Hours: 24 Hours

Admission: Free

Amenities: Convenience stores, Bicycle rental shops (W3,000 per hour) and bike lanes, Bathrooms available in the information center, Stroller Rentals, Soccer Fields, Basketball Courts, Croquet Court, Fishing

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