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Art exhibitions and galleries in Seoul

Hongdae, Seoul, Korea: Trickeye Museum 2

The TrickEye Museum: Revamped

The TrickEye Museum in Hongdae recently had 60% of their artwork revamped and I, along with some friends, were invited out to have some fun and see what they had to offer. To be honest, I have never been interested in the TrickEye Museums around town and wouldn’t have gone out if it weren’t for this invitation. In the end though, we had a great couple of hours of fun and it was even rather baby friendly.

Seoul, Korea: Mullae-dong Street Art 2

Rooftop Art & Graffiti in Mullae-dong

Mullae-dong is an area that was once only known for it’s metal works but for the past decade has experienced an influx of independent artists that have set up studios in the area making it popular for another reason. These artists came to the area from places like Hongdae and Daehagno that, due to popularity, saw rent prices increase. Fortunately, Mullae-dong hasn’t seemed to have experienced the same popularity as those areas and artists can thrive in the grittier back alleys.


A Crazy Multiply Sketch Night Is a Hit!

The Crazy Multiply Art Collective once again hit it big with the recent Transcribe/ Coalesce sketch night. With Crazy Multiply Transcribe/Coalesceeverything from musicians, installations, performance art and craft beer to boot, it would have been difficult not to enjoy the people and the space.