SUMMER In Seoul: The Seasonal Guide Series You NEED To Have

It seems like just yesterday the trees were still rather bare and the flowers were just popping out but just like that spring is heading into summer. I looked around this weekend and couldn’t believe how lush and green everything became over night. Those rains last week really had a vibrant effect on all things nature and I am stoked to get the summer loving, living and lounging into high gear. Are you?Anmyeondo, Korea: Kkotji Beach

To follow up the first seasonal series that Arielle Pukanecz of Soju4Two and I put together titled “SPRING”, we’ve completed our next guide… you guessed it, “SUMMER”.

For our SUMMER Guide, like our SPRING hit, there are four sections:

  • SUMMER TRIPS: Highlights some coastal destinations to get out of the city and find. The coastal destinations we have chosen to highlight are a mix of popular with our tips for enjoying the views and the less popular and our local spots to seek out when in the area. From crystal clear blue water to mud flats and the rocky cliffs of the southern coasts, we hope you can get away a bit this summer.
  • CAFES & EATS: Summer just needs those island vibes and so the cafes and eats section is filled with spots we would say have that. Places to chill while it’s hot or serve up island-style eats to get you in the relaxed spirit even if you can’t get away for the summer.
  • WORTH IT: This is a section where we highlight some places you MAY have heard about and MAY NOT have heard about. They are the sights and sites that we say are definitely worth it. From the palaces lit up at night to the watermelon festival you need to check out, these are some tried and true summer hits.
  • OFF THE BEATEN PATH: For everything that isn’t hard to find or hidden away down an alley, there is something else that is and that is what this section is for. Have you visited the Hangang Parks and thought they were WAY too busy for your liking in the summer? Well, check out the park we recommend that you will likely be all alone at. Love those rooftop views but don’t want to go to Sky Observatory or Namsan Tower again? We’ve got some great spots for views that people just don’t know about.

Summer is a season when most people just want to get away and we chose places that will give you those vibes if you can’t get away but will also be a treat if you can get out of the city for just a couple days. We hope with this guide, everyone will have a fantastic summer as they’re hopping around the coastal views of Anmyeondo or Sokcho or just chilling in a cafe in Seoul. Oedo-Botania, Oedo Island Botanical Garden, Geoje, Korea

Check out an excerpt from the guide on a bamboo forest I can almost guarantee you haven’t heard of:

Anytime “theme park” is in the title in Korea, it can throw me, but this was NOT what I
expected. The park is 90,000 square meters of bamboo forest that envelops the visitors after
only a few steps. Paths led to tree swings and benches and passed by a kid friendly
completely-made-of-bamboo play area. While other bamboo forests and stretches are often
highlighted as must-sees, you can almost be assured you will find less people here. For visitors
that want to do more than just walk and enjoy the lush green surroundings, there is a zip-line
and ropes course activity. For the people that want to be one with nature, take off those
shoes and socks and walk on the “massaging” stones.

This is the second in our Seasonal Guide Series, and we hope you guys enjoy it. Let us know what you think in the comments.

SUMMER, The Soul of Seoul Guide, 2018 Edition: Want to know where to go in Seoul, Korea for #summer? This seasonal guide put together by the writers behind The Soul of Seoul and Soju4Two will get you where you need to be. From #coastal trips and #beach trips from Seoul to cafes with island vibes. Get your #SUMMER #Guide for the best time in #Seoul and #Korea this year.SUMMER, The Soul of Seoul Guide, 2018 Edition

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  1. Cat says:

    I visited Seoul a few summers ago and loved it! There are so many cute cafes and fun attractions. Can’t wait to be back!

  2. Cori Carl says:

    This is a great guide! It’s always disappointing to get to a place only to find out that some exciting attraction is actually seasonal, so this is super helpful.

  1. January 18, 2019

    […] and then we hope you’ll chill out. If you want to see a bit more about what is in the guide, check out this post where I lay out what you can expect to find inside. Happy summer hunting […]

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