Animal Fun For Everyone at Zoolung Zoolung

Finding places to go that are kid friendly AND parent approved in Seoul, Korea can be difficult as a foreigner. Half of the restaurants we turn up to don’t have child seats AND/OR don’t have a bathroom equipped to change said child when necessary. It’s probably more than half really, but now I scour the Internet for places that are kid friendly, cleanly and fun so much that we’re getting pretty good about turning up and NOT being surprised.

Zoolung Zoolung (주렁주렁) is one of those places just made for the child in all of us and definitely geared toward the children we have tag along with us.

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A petting zoo of sorts with more than just your average farm animals, Zoolung Zoolung is great for children of almost all ages. There were even some teenage couples roaming around and I sure got into it, so I think it could be said that this is fun for all ages. Staff members are stationed in almost every corner ready to help you feed, caress or hold and learn about the animals in the enclosures. The staff members are knowledgeable and you can find children cornering them with questions all over the place. While the info is provided in Korean, I found most of the staff members did try to approach me and explain in English if they could and I much appreciated that rather than seeing them try to thrust an animal at me with no words.

Zoolung Zoolung, Ilsan, Korea, petting zoo

From furry friends, recognizable and not so recognizable, like the guinea pig and the sugar glider to the sloth and the ant eater there are also toucans, parrots, and feathered friends too. Lizards, snakes and a hatchery where you can see chicks literally hatching in front of you. We saw three hatch before our eyes and boy was that so cool for all of us. My husband really got into that never having seen a chick hatch before. The circle of life was before us and it was beautiful. The animals seem very well cared for and the staff members seem to know the animals’ individual personalities too.

Zoolung Zoolung, Ilsan, Korea, petting zoo Zoolung Zoolung, Ilsan, Korea, petting zoo

Hamsters and hedgehogs and just so so much more and in all of the rooms are very friendly staff members that go out of their way to make sure that every child and child in all of us gets to pet or hold at least one of the animals in each room. Aside from the rooms, there are also staff members walking around with different animals and every so often on a schedule there are special shows in a couple different locations. The staff members tried to make it as educational as possible and answered ALL of the many many questions the kids had to ask and fed them even more information to boot.

Near the end, if the animals weren’t enough or if the moms and dads need to chill out in the cafe area, there’s also a giant whale play area. The little ones take off their shoes and can slide, play with balls or blocks or any number of other things while some cafe treats are enjoyed by anyone not slipping and sliding around. There is also a wall lined with four massage chairs which you could see many parents taking advantage of as they sit perfectly able to keep an eye on the little ones in the play area.

If you’re headed out to Ilsan, also check out the nearby Aqua Planet Ilsan, an amazing aquarium with a ton to see as well as the nearby Ilsan Lake Park. All together the area is a great day out of the city but not far at all and still accessible via the subway system. There are other great kid friendly spots to check out all around the city too. Here’s a post with four other spots that I love taking our little to and if you’re looking for a spot in the summer, don’t miss out on our favorite kid friendly, budget friendly, infinity pool. Kids cafes are also always a great option. If your kids like characters they see on TV, check out the Tayo Kids Cafe or the Pororo Kids Cafe.

Zoolung Zoolung


1050-171 Daehwa-dong Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do B1

경기도 고양시 일산서구 주엽로 79 롯데마트빅마켓일산킨텍스점 지하1층


by subway: Get off at Jooyeop subway station and take exit 4. Walk straight and turn left at the first intersection. Walk 500 meters and Zoolung Zoolung is inside Lotte Mart building.

by bus: 33, 92, 10, 16, 55, 900, 010, 039, 058, 062, 080, 082, 089 all stop in the vicinity

Hours: 10:00am ~ 8:00pm

Days: Closed every third Monday of the month.

Admission: W15,000 (2 hours) OR W19,000 for all day*

18 months or younger: free; 18-24 months: 50% discount; Multi-child family only charged for maximum of two children

*There are discounts available for certain card holders AND can be found on sites like WeMakePrice.

Amenities: cafe, nursing room, restrooms


  • No pets except for guide dogs are permitted inside.
  • Inline skates, bikes, strollers, etc. are NOT permitted. Strollers can be locked up at the entrance.
  • Outside food and drinks are not permitted.
  • No loud noise, violence toward the animals or others or jumping in lines.
  • No smoking.
  • No flash on cameras and feeding animals is allowed but only the food provided.
  • Children below 6th grade must be accompanied by a guardian.

Website: Zoolung Zoolung

Know where to go and check out some other fun sights nearby.

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Animal Fun for Everyone at zoolung zoolung

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