Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel Has It All!

Seoul, Korea: Sheraton Grande WalkerhillRecently, the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel perched atop Mt. Achasan in Gwangjin-gu hosted a blogger networking event to showcase the new horse racing OTB lounge in their facilities. I, along with Mimsie from My Seoul Searching, Kate from The Toronto Seoulcialite, Lily from A Travel Lady Bug, Kristina from The Nerdventurists and Yvette from District Gal were able to stay in their hotel and take a tour of the stunning grounds.

Our room was pristine and inviting and had all of the amenities that one would expect in a 5-star hotel.

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Seoul, Korea: Sheraton Grande WalkerhillViews from the room look up into the surrounding hills and mountains or look out upon the Han River. From the Korea Racing Associations new OTB horse racing lounge to the numerous restaurants, the sauna and the pool, it’s the perfect place for a layover, a staycation and more. There are even glamping tents on the grounds as well! Here are just SOME of what you should see when you visit the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel.

What to check out in the hotel:

Clock 16 Restaurant: The restaurant has been impeccably designed and is just begging to have its photo taken or be in the background of many photos. The curves of the wood paneling and the staircase centrally located give it a little retro vibe that I was digging. The walls are all massive windows giving any seat in the house a beautiful view. The 16 in the name is said to reference both the location on the 16th floor of the hotel as well as the best hour to come in and take a seat (4:00PM) to wine and dine as the sun sets.Seoul, Korea: Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Seoul, Korea: Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Seoul, Korea: Sheraton Grande Walkerhill

The Buffet: The buffet restaurant on the second floor, previously FourSeasons, features a menu dedicated to healthy eating. Seasonal ingredients from around Korea are whipped into mouth-watering dishes. This restaurant is sure to please anyone and everyone headed there with an appetite.

What to check out on the grounds:

Pizza Hill: Pizza Hill is a famous restaurant that sits on the grounds of the hotel and has beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. The trees are huge and overhang covering the road up to the restaurant and in the evenings, tables and chairs are placed on the street leading up to the restaurant and an overhang is drawn to allow diners to literally eat beneath the trees. The food is said to be exquisite and paired with the vintage wines they have on hand, the experience right out of a Korean drama.

Aston House: This house is just one of a few houses and villas that are separate from the hotel. These houses are the most picturesque locations to host weddings and events, or if you’re like Paris Hilton, to just hang out in when you visit Seoul. The Aston House is a pretty lavish mansion deeper up into the forest of Mt. Achasan and this blogger group couldn’t get enough of the chic surroundings there.

Glamping In The City: While we didn’t get to see the glamping grounds, I want to head back to see what the Sheraton Walkerhill has cooked up for their patrons there. The teepee-esque abodes along with the five-star service that the Sheraton Walkerhill provides means you couldn’t possibly go wrong with some camping fun on Mt. Achasan. The glamping grounds include a garden, kiddie pool, trampoline and a gourmet barbecue.

Outdoor Swimming Pool: We were just a week too early for the swimming pool so we unfortunately didn’t get to partake in some water fun, but the photos of people enjoying the pool were enticing. The Riverpark Pool features a standard sized adult pool that overlooks the Han River. There are often concerts at the pool as well as a gourmet pool-side buffet. From the pool to the Jacuzzi and the ambience of the hotel, it sounds unbeatable and I for one sure hope to get invited back to try it out this summer.

This summer, check out the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill to get that vacation in the city. From impeccable service to good eats, a swimming pool and the horse races, it’s the perfect place for a weekend away.

Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel Has It All, Seoul, Korea

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