Mongsanpo Beach, Taean-gun

Anymeondo, Taean-gun: Mongsanpo BeachMongsanpo Beach (몽산포해수욕장) is purported to be a 3 kilometer stretch of white sand in Taean-gun (태안군), but in all honesty, it isn’t.

The Visit Korea website would have you believe that of the 30 beaches in Taean-gun, this is one of the white sandy ones, but the mud that covers the feet as one trudges through it to the water would have you believe otherwise. Is it beautiful in its own way though? Sure.

One reason we chose this particular beach as our base for the night is that it is NOT one of the more popular beaches in the region. Beaches like Mallipo, Hagampo and Kkotji garner a lot more attention for their more legit white sand beaches while Mongsanpo is a bit more popular with campers in tents under the 50 year old pine trees that line the coastline. If you want to catch some rays and sit under colorful umbrellas, visit one of the beaches I just mentioned. Head to Mongsanpo for a little shellfish hunt in the early morning and evening when the tide is low and look forward to having a more low key kind of beach enthusiast to call your neighbor while you’re at it. Oh, and space. There is plenty of space if you don’t even want to bother talking with that low key kind of beach enthusiast.

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Anymeondo, Taean-gun: Mongsanpo BeachAnymeondo, Taean-gun: Mongsanpo BeachAnymeondo, Taean-gun: Mongsanpo BeachAnymeondo, Taean-gun: Mongsanpo Beach

Low budget travelers can find a great camping site as well as cheap minbaks in the area and those looking for a little bit more of a vacation getaway type feel can find more modern pensions with amenities. We stayed at Tahiti Pension and enjoyed it quite a bit. We were looking for something a bit newer and a bit cleaner than we would have before we had our baby and this place hit all the marks. Clean, whirlpool tub, crisp sheets, breakfast and dinner INCLUDED in the price and a very nice pension owner that seemed to get to know each of his visitors at least a little during their stay was what we found when we arrived.

The sunset, deemed to be some of the most beautiful to witness in Taean-gun, was a miss for us as it was rather hazy, but that didn’t stop us or anyone else from enjoying the summer ocean breezes.

Though the sand wasn’t as white or as sandy as one would have hoped for on the beach, it was still perfect for long walks and at the right time a good dig for shellfish. Taean-gun is the perfect place to get away to for that destination that isn’t too far, but isn’t too close either. There are plenty of beaches to explore, a national park and a forest with very tall 120 year old pine trees too. Head to Mongsanpo Beach to start your next exploration.Anymeondo, Taean-gun: Mongsanpo BeachAnymeondo, Taean-gun: Mongsanpo Beach

Mongsanpo Beach

충청남도 태안군 남면 신장리

Sinjang-gil, Nam-myeon, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do

Amenities: changing rooms, shower booths, restrooms, water-supply area, campsite and auto-camp site, basketball court, volleyball court, nearby pensions, minbaks and other places to stay as well as cafes and eateries.

Fees: parking lot (W5,000 ~ W7,500); camp site (W20,000)

Website: (Korean only)

Where to stay:

Tahiti Pension 타이티 펜션

충청남도 태안군 남면 몽산포길 67-24

67-24 Mongsanpo-gil Nam-myeon, Taean-gun, Chungcheonnam-do

Phone: 010-4484-2460


Price: W110,000 ~ W260,000 (prices vary depending on day of the week and season)

Amenities included in price: whirlpool tub, kitchenette, enclosed veranda, Korean style breakfast, Korean style grilled meats and side dishes for dinner, parking

For other options to stay in the area, check out the Ramada Hotel Gunsan or The Oscar Suite Hotel for the best rest, relaxation and beach time you can find in the area.Mongsanpo Beach, Taean-gun, Korea

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  1. Great to know about another beautiful beach. This one really doesn’t look too crowded, so I love that. As you say, perfect for long walks and shellfish hunting!

  2. Living in a country that we owned a world class white sand beaches, this one isn’t really something that amazed me. But to think this is in Korea, it is surely something that have shocked and wowed me. I would love to visit this beach if given a chance.

  3. Wow! Shellfish looks pretty. Sounds like you had great fun there. I would definitely choose peaceful place rather than going to tourist spots. Korea is on my list , would visit someday soon.

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