February On The Go!

This month was a great month for The Soul of Seoul Tours. We had our first tourists book with us that weren’t our friends, friends of friends or family. Not that we don’t appreciate our friends, friends of friends and family helping us out, but it’s so cool to have someone find my blog and then our tour website and send us an email to book. We had also been getting emails about places to stay from some of our tourists and decided it was high time we got out and about in my area (Hongdae) and checked out the guest houses and hostels and took the time to hang some very colorful posters that we had made up. It was great to meet some owners, talk with some managers and get a lay out of the area and see what kinds of tourists are staying around here. We look forward to meeting more guest house owners and working with them in the future as well as meet some more tourists and take them out on the town to some of the new restaurants we scoped out as well!

This month, I was also able to get out for some photoshoot fun in Mullae-dong with some cool people. My partners in crime for the morning were Saul Goode from the Hip Hop group The Part Time Cooks and filmmaker Marco Tessiore.

I was a bit busier than I have been, though I still had plenty of time to be home with our sweet little one to watch her many smiles and see how she’s learning to play and roll over in all directions. We took her on her first flight down to Busan so that we could be with my husband’s family for the Lunar New Year and she got to meet her cousins and grandfather and uncle too. They adored her of course.

Finally, I wanted to add that some of you  may have noticed that I had a sponsored post on my blog this month. This year, I have decided that the amount of time that I devote to my blog can only be reasonable if I can get enough money from it to at least pay for the domain and the hours I sit at my computer, though honestly I enjoy those hours at my computer. Because I now have a little person to support I have to consider how I spend my main income much more wisely. That is NOT to say that I will have tons of sponsored posts on my blog. I definitely will not, don’t you worry, it’s still me all the way, but you just might see a sponsored post here and there. The posts will still be related in some way to my themes of Korea, Seoul, family and a general positive attitude. Thank you for understanding. ^^

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  1. Serena says:

    Congratulations on your first tourist tour guides!! I’ve been following your blog for a while now. It’s interesting to hear all your thoughts and what you get upto in South korea. I’ve never been but hopefully will be coming over this summer. I can’t wait. Also congratulations on your baby.


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