October On The Go!

Trying to get out and about to take advantage of the beautiful autumn scenery and enjoy the cool breezes while one is nine months pregnant is not the easiest thing, if you were wondering. Shifting from┬ádays of being “fat” pregnant to days of being “beautiful” pregnant and back again, and I just assume that every woman that has been pregnant knows what I’m talking about, I have become extremely thankful for the devotion of my husband and his constant words of optimism and admiration. Yes, I know I am not fat. Yes, I know I’m pregnant but, I can feel both at the same time and I have.

This month we went to get some pictures taken by a friend out in Paju. Actually, we had some pictures taken a few weeks before but I just was not feeling the studio vibe. The photographer was nice enough and her assistant was helpful but they dressed me in prom-like attire and tried to make me stand still like a doll while I teetered on heels I would never own in my life. That seems to be pretty standard for most studio picture sessions in Korea. It was a free session and afterward I showed my husband photos that I would be more interested in of pregnant women with their husbands frolicking ridiculously in a forest somewhere. We decided to do just that, but you can’t see those photos just yet. What you can see were some warm up shots we took inside of our friend’s new studio because he was just excited to use it and show it off to us. We were there with some friends who are also pregnant and took some shots together which we all felt were like shots you take with best friends at university or in highschool at the end of the year or near graduation. It was great fun and the outdoor shots are even better! Just you wait.October on the go: Pregnant Photoshoot

October on the go: Pregnant PhotoshootLooking at the pictures I found it humorous that we managed to coordinate very well without actually doing so. Blues and greys must be the colors of the season for us all because that’s what we wore without even a phone call or a discussion. If you like the photos here, check out Lupin Gold‘s website for information on the photographer. He’s a great guy and the studio is awesome with plenty of outdoor space surrounding in beautiful Paju.

October on the go: Pregnant Photoshoot

Afterwards, you can imagine what it was like with two pregnant women. Well if you can’t, we were tired and hungry and I think this panorama of us at a cafe next door to the studio captures us perfectly. Not grumpy, though it may look it, but just ready for a good sit down and a snack. We were much more content with the more laid back vibe of the shots we got and our friends were happier with theirs as well. It was a good day out.October on the go: PanoramaMost of this month, because I was tired between bouts of energy I stayed in quite a bit and decided to switch from the knitting I’d done last month to some sewing. I am pretty proud of the stuffed animals I managed to make. They’re not perfect, but their imperfections show my loving handmade touch, that’s what I keep saying anyway. For anyone else that wants to try their hand at these, PurlBee has great patterns and step by step instructions.

All of the preparation for a baby is done around the house, all of the things I wanted to accomplish anyway and now it’s just a waiting game. Less than two weeks to go, though if I’m anything like my sister who had her baby this month, I may go past my due date. My sister down in Australia had her baby on the 18th of this month, five days after her due date, and she told me all about it afterward, while keeping some of the details a secret. She has been trying to scare me just enough. It’s one time in our lives where my younger sister has done something before me and she enjoyed that, I think. Congratulations to her and her husband on their daughter and we can’t wait to follow you up with our own very soon! Cousins born just weeks apart. I foresee them having a very close relationship and a great understanding of each other as they will both be brought up in multicultural families.

I feel a bit like we’re having our third child though. Any cat lovers out there? Our cats have such personalities all on their own and they are just so needy sometimes. The littlest one, Mae, is going to have to realize she isn’t the baby anymore when the baby comes. Meyo grew up pretty fast and had a personality change when Mae arrived though so I think they’ll both change a bit when our bundle of joy comes. Here’s hoping anyway.

Korea in the autumn is beautiful and I’ll be posting some beautiful pictures I did manage to take of some great places to get out and enjoy some foliage in the city and even spot some wild bunnies hopping around. Hope everyone is enjoying the cool wind that has swept in and is taking advantage of the colorful scenery before it’s gone.

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