Fire Flowers Light Up The Sky

Yeouido Fireworks Festival, Seoul, Korea

This past Saturday, the yearly Seoul International Fireworks Festival (서울세계불꽃축제) took place over at the Yeouido Hangang Park.

Of course massive numbers of people arrived using all modes of transportation and not only was the park packed but the bridges were as well. A new addition I noticed this year were police lining the Mapo Bridge and asking that people only view from one side of the path leaving the other side open. Of course, once the fireworks started these police had little power and people didn’t really listen to the requests to stand to one side.

The wind was blowing and the music, though difficult to hear on the Mapo Bridge could be heard thumping away from somewhere in the distance.

People oohed and aahed and took photos capturing the showcase of fireworks from Korean teams as well as Canadian, Japanese and French teams. The breaks between sets were a bit long this year for my liking, but it’s hard to complain when you’re talking about fireworks, or fire flowers as the literal Korean translation would be.

Tip: Start on the southern end of the Mapo Bridge for the beginning of the show and every 15 minutes or so walk a bit north across the bridge. By the end of the show you’ll be able to get down to the road to hop into a taxi or bus or subway easily without too much hassle from the crowds.


서울특별시 영등포구 여의도동

Yeouido, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea



Yeouinaru Station, exit 4 is the nearest subway location but if you’re not heading there early in the afternoon, this subway station is not recommended as it becomes overpopulated and is often shut down in the evenings due to danger the massive amounts of people could cause.

Yeouido Station, exit 5 is another option.

Bus: 162, 261, 262, 360, 362, 461, 503, 753, 5012, 5534, 5623, 5633, 5713, 6513, 6623, 6630, 7611 (Some buses may be rerouted due to road closures in the area, but they will still stop near the Yeouido Hangang Park)

When: Held every autumn, fireworks start at 7:30

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  1. Rosh says:

    We should be having the Fireworks Festival here in Busan soon too.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Loved the closeups. Did the baby get a couple of kicks in when they popped? 🙂

  3. We also had a fireworks festival here in Pohang in August but it was so rainy it was pretty miserable to be outside. Have you ever checked out the Busan fireworks?

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    […] in Yeouido Park so for the best views and easiest way to depart when it’s all said and done, walk over Mapo Bridge during the show meandering as you do and enjoying the fireworks. By the time you’re all the way over, the show […]

  2. September 13, 2016

    […] Come October, the two most populated cities in the country roll up their sleeves to put on spectacular fireworks shows. The fire flowers, as they could be translated from Korean, light up the night sky over the Han River in Seoul and over the beaches of Gwanganli in Busan. Massive crowds gather at both locations to ooh and aah together as blasts fill their ears and light fills their eyes. If you’re in Seoul, try getting a good standing spot Mapo Bridge to see the show and meander a… […]

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