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I’m in the process of compiling a book of family stories with old photos for the next generation of babies to come in our family. Along with getting ready for the baby to arrive in approximately seven weeks, I’ve been pretty busy and not blogging as much. Sorry! Since my sister and I are both pregnant and I have quite a bit of time on my hands, though not that much energy, I decided to try and remember and contact the family members and get them to remember some of their favorite stories about us as kids, about our parents as kids, etc. I hope that the book will end up being a more personal storytelling book for them. In the back, there will be a glossary of family members and their photos and what they should be called, ie my cousin Chelsie would be called Aunt Chelsie by my kids. Since we live in Korea and my sister lives in Australia right now, I think it’s so important to get our children, even at a young age, to at least see and start to recognize their family members faces. Our family is uber close, even across the numerous time zones between us at the moment, but we won’t always be this far away.94 Old Family Photos

Here are some of my favorite stories so far and some of the adorable old photos I’ve collected. I can’t wait to get everything in a book and printed up.

Ice Cream Cures Toothaches

One day while mom was at work, she received a telephone call from Brittany who was at school. Brittany explained that she had a toothache and before she could continue, mom immediately started into telling her she needed to say these things before she left for school and not once she had gotten there. The school staff wouldn’t be able to give Brittany any Tylenol and if she was in pain, mom would have to leave work in order to get some medicine for Brittany. At that point in the conversation, Brittany interrupted mom to say that she was sure ice cream would do the trick and that Tylenol wasn’t really necessary. It wasn’t even lunch time yet and Brittany was ready for an ice cream cone.

“So, you’re telling me that ice cream will make you feel better?”


“Where can you get ice cream at this time of day?”

“The cafeteria.”

“If you go to the cafeteria right now they will give you ice cream?”


“You only have enough money for lunch. You do not have extra money for ice cream.”

“Yes, I do.

“So, you can go to the cafeteria and get ice cream and your tooth will feel better?”


“Okay, fine.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

After that the issue of the toothache never came up again.1992 Fripp Island Old Family PhotosOld Family Photos

Late to Work No More

Mom had gotten so tired of being late to work day after day. In an effort to get everyone moving a bit faster in the morning she sat Hallie, Brittany and Heather down and told them if they were late again they would owe her a quarter each time she got into the car before she did. After a short pause, Brittany stood up and took off for her bedroom with Heather right behind her. Hallie stayed put and calmly added that she thought the plan was a great idea because she was tired of waiting for Brittany and Heather as well. Just as Hallie was finished adding her two cents, Brittany returned from her bedroom carrying her piggy bank. She handed it over to mom and said, “Here you go. You are going to get all of this anyway.” Just as she was finished and sat down, Heather came up the hallway carrying a large arm load of clothes and shoes saying, “I’ll just put this in the car. I’ll get dressed there from now on.”

Everyone has their own unique way of problem solving.89 Sarasota Old Family Photos89 Easter Old Family Photos89 Christmas Old Family Photos


Once in a while Grandma and Grandpa would take a trip out of town and whenever they did someone had to go over to their house to bring in the mail and the newspaper. Hallie, Britt and Heather would stop over daily during these times. Their mom would drive them over to Grandma’s house, they’d jump out and run inside after keying in the numbers into the garage door pad. They were quick enough that their mom never noticed that they could possibly be doing anything else in the house. After one trip though, Grandma called Carol and asked if someone in our family liked pickles. It seemed that she had come home to find an empty jar of pickles in her fridge along with all of the mail and newspapers sitting neatly on the counter. After that, she always left a new jar of pickles in her fridge. Additionally, the girls fessed up years later that they had also been taking crackers from the basket of individually wrapped crackers that Grandma had absconded from different restaurants on her nights out.

If you’re going to ask someone to come and take in your mail and newspapers while you’re away, be sure to know what their favorite food is and have it stocked up so that they can have a snack when visiting.

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  1. Rosh says:

    Great work. I agree it’s very important to use pictures and stories to help children get acquainted with their far away relatives. It’s really tough to get everybody together these days with people living all over the world. My brother lives in Switzerland, so we try to keep our visits to Canada on the same schedule so I can at least see his kids every two years. It’s still so hard to be apart from them for so long. Take care!

  2. Rosh says:

    Apparently I like the word so quite a bit:-)

  3. Seriously, this is a beautiful post. Your writing, your heart and cherished memories combined = beautiful. I’m sharing this with my mom!

    • Hallie says:

      Thanks Brent. It’s been so fun getting the stories from my family and reading some of their favorite memories. The tales our parents have told over the years again and again.. I just don’t want to forget them and can’t wait to make some new great memories and stories with our little ones. ^^

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