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Seoul, Korea: Gongdeok Jeon Town

Gongdeok Jeon Town (공덕전타운) is not a town as the name would suggest and is really not much more than two shops that sit side by side selling the same sort of fried food fare, but if you’re someone that enjoys the fried food on the street carts around the city and want to see everything that could possibly be offered to you, this is the place to go.

Just a couple blocks from Gongdeok Station exit 5 just after Jokbal Alley, or Pig’s Feet Alley, is Jeon Town. Display counters showcase everything from fried peppers, zucchini and fish to shrimp, oysters and sesame leaves. Seoul, Korea: Gongdeok Jeon TownSeoul, Korea: Gongdeok Jeon TownSeoul, Korea: Gongdeok Jeon Town

Visitors are directed to grab a basket from the beginning of the counter and then to fill up on whatever they’d like to try along the way. Once the basket is filled with all of the fried veggies, fish or meat you could want, it is handed over to one of the helpful older women behind the counter who will throw the lot into a fryer for one last go to heat everything up and make the food edible. While she is doing that, patrons are directed to take a seat inside where and are given side dishes and sauces to go with the food and if the feeling so overcomes you, you can even order some makkoli, or rice wine, a drink often served with this kind of meal.Seoul, Korea: Gongdeok Jeon TownSeoul, Korea: Gongdeok Jeon TownSeoul, Korea: Gongdeok Jeon Town

With everything from fried peppers, mushrooms, zucchini and sesame leaves for those veggie lovers to fried shrimp, abalone and crab along with mini kimchi pancakes, veggie pancakes and seafood pancakes, there is something for everyone.

As the colder weather is fast approaching, this is a great place to head this winter when the temperatures are a bit too chilly to be standing outside at your local food carts. Sit inside, drink up with friends and enjoy a meal you won’t soon forget.

Directions: Gongdeok Station, exit 5. Walk straight out of the exit, pass Jokbal Alley, or pig’s feet alley, just a block up and the next block is Gongdeok Jeon Town. Keep eyes and noses peeled to the left and you’ll be sure to spot it.

Cost: 3-4 people can easily eat for W15,000 – 20,000 + the cost of drink.

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