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This week, I got a lovely little message from The Indie Guide to Hongdae, although some time ago Stephanie from Hedgers Abroad sent me a message with a Liebster but I was so busy at the time I didn’t get around to writing up a post for it. Thank you to both of you and here goes…award

The Rules:

There are of course rules for accepting this award, the main point being to share the blog lovin’ and spread the word to some deserving writers/photographers and build this global e-village.

  • Rule number 1: Acknowledge the nominating blogger
  • Rule number 2: List some bloggers with fewer than 200 followers that you really feel deserve a little blogging love!
  • Rule number 3: Let all of the bloggers know you’ve nominated them. You cannot nominate the blogger that nominated you!
  • Rule number 4: Answer 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you
  • Rule number 5: Post 11 questions for the bloggers you’ve nominated to answer
  • Rule number 6: Post 11 random facts about yourself

The Questions for me:

1. What are your top three indie bands in Korea?(excluding your husband’s band ^^)

Yeonnam-dong Dumb & Dumber, Rock’n Roll Radio and Jung Cha-Sik

2. What’s your favorite neighborhood in Seoul and why?

Hongdae ArtI moved into the Hongdae vicinity some time ago and never moved away, so I guess I’d go with my neighborhood. I tend to enjoy the outer edges a bit more than the more happenin’ center bits these days though. The neighborhoods out of exits 1 and 2 of Hongdae Station have some great little bars and restaurants that we’re frequenting a lot more.

3. What do you miss the most about the States?

I definitely miss my family. Is that too obvious? I don’t usually let myself miss too many things. The times I miss things or food from home is right before I’m about to go there. That’s the only time I’ll let that come to the surface, otherwise I don’t think about it too much because I can’t be flying around the world all of the time. Literally the only time I get sappy and cry about missing something from home is the day or two before I’m about to fly there and my husband pats my back and always gives me this face like “we’re going there in two days… how can you be so sad about this right now??”

4. Which country will you visit next?

Good question… in the planning stages now…

5. Would you like to live in another country in the future?

I would love to live in another country. Not sure which one, but perhaps one in Europe?

6. What’s your favorite Korean drink?

Gwangjang Market Food and MakkoliWhen I think of Korean drinks, I mostly think of teas or alcohol so I’m going to say that my favorite Korean drink is makkoli. They can do so much with that rice wine. I’ve had sansuyu, or Japanese Dogwood, makkoli, apple makkoli and even just the normal makkolis are delicious. Also, shout out to the makkoli man. He’s pretty great too.

7. Do you play any musical instrument?

I can play the violin and the piano. I recently teamed up with my husband, I on my violin and him on his guitar, and played a duet at my sister’s wedding. It was pretty fun. We’d never played together before and we took one of his songs from Every Single Day and rewrote the parts. It was pretty cool.

8. Do you speak French (I saw you were part of a French club)?

I used to be able to speak French… some time ago while I was traveling, I was on a train and in our car was a French couple. I could understand everything they were saying, but when I went to reply… Korean came out of my mouth. I’ve heard that can happen when learning other languages and not practicing others. The French couple found it hilarious.

9. Who is your favorite Korean celebrity?

That’s a tough one. I don’t know too many Korean celebrities by name… I only know the ones I’ve met through my husband and I don’t know how many of them are celebrity status. I met Kim C before though and I like him. He used to be on 1박2일 and I always liked that he was humorous, but also serious and didn’t play into all of the stupid jokes or laugh hysterically at Kang Ho Dong’s (강호동) jokes, which I didn’t find as hilarious as everyone else.

10. Favorite movie?

Tough one. I’ve watched a lot of movies in my lifetime, but I don’t really watch movies all that regularly. I can say that I do NOT like scary movies at all

11. And finally, how did you start blogging?

I started blogging a couple years ago when I started getting down about being in Korea for so long. I’d been here for three years and a few of my close friends had decided to leave. I knew that I wanted to stay on in Korea, but I also knew that it could get old fast if I let it. I decided to start a blog to keep myself motivated to keep getting out and about and finding new and fun things to do. What started as a goal to blog once a week has since turned into a lot more blogging and doors that I didn’t think would open because of it.

11 Random Facts About Myself

  1. I’ve been to 16 countries.
  2. I have two younger sisters.
  3. If I watch a scary movie, you don’t want to be with me because I just talk to the characters the whole time and tell them how dumb they are for walking into a clearly scary situation.
  4. The first bouquet of flowers I ever received was yellow roses from my mom when I broke my thumb while away on a trip in Colorado and she wasn’t with me.
  5. I am currently reading Khaled Hosseini’s book And The Mountains Echoed.
  6. I want to travel in Dadohaehaesang National Park (다도해해상국립공원) for weeks and see as many islands as I can.
  7. I like to pretend I’m Martha Stewart when I’m preparing for a party or a dinner in my house… apron and all.
  8. I wake up at 9AM every morning and then spend thirty minutes lying in bed before I get up for the day.
  9. I love Ediya Chai Tea Lattes.
  10. I love living in a city where I don’t need to drive… but I miss the car I used to have back home and going for “Sunday Drives” on a whim.
  11. I got a sewing machine for Xmas but I can’t find any pattern shops in Seoul! Help!?


Groovy Bow Sequence She was in Korea, then she went traveling and now she’s back home but I’m loving her photos and the typography on them.

Taegeukgi: Heaven, Earth, Fire & Water I’ve been enjoying his photos lately.

m.y.b.a.c.k.y.a.r.d I always love the photos.

Questions for the nominees:

  1. What’s your favorite neighborhood in Seoul and why?
  2. If you could go anywhere in Korea, where would you go?
  3. What has been/was your best experience in Korea?
  4. Do you have any plans on coming back to Korea? (All three of your are away at the moment… I think…)
  5. What did you enjoy the most about living in Korea?
  6. What’s your favorite movie?
  7. Why did you start a blog?
  8. Where did the name for your blog come from?
  9. Where will your next trip be?
  10. Do you have any pets?
  11. What’s your favorite drink?

Good luck!


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  1. Reblogged this on Taegeukgi: Heaven, Earth, Fire & Water and commented:
    My favourite neighbourhood is Jongno around Tapgol Park and the Arts Cinema

    I still want to explore the South West as I’ve been everywhere else

    My best experience in Korea was my summer vacation 2012 when I visited Seoul, Busan and Gyeongju. It’s all recorded on my blog

    I am back I just left for 3+ weeks

    The thing I enjoy most is the stress in my job is much less than in the UK

    My favourite movie is “Kes” set in Yorkshire in the UK

    I started the blog so my friends and family in the UK could follow my adventures here

    The name of my blog comes from the Korean flag

    My next trip overseas will be to the UK and France to see family and friends

    I have no pets and my favourite drink is Shiraz

  2. Jonas says:

    I really enjoyed reading your answers. And I agree entirely with “the edges” of Hongdae beeing the best. The center lost it’s arty touch a while ago (and it’s not improving 🙁 I usually stay near hapjeong/sangsu but I should try the other side now 🙂

    • Hallie says:

      My husband and I went into an Italian place down on that end a couple weeks ago for lunch. Small pizzas and pastas in Chinese like cardboard boxes, I forget the name on the same street as Rolling Hall headed toward Hapjeong Station. It was pretty good… and cheap. There are four Italian restaurants on one little corner, seems they’re trying to start something over there. I never understand why they do that… “Oh look, there’s an Italian restaurant, let me put mine right next to it so we can compete for customers…” I can only assume that’s what they think before they do that. Any good recs for places on that end to try?

      • Jonas says:

        Zion boat is my favorite bbq chicken place. Otherwise A table! is very nice for couple …there is so many cute places there hard to list them.all 😉

  3. Thank you for the nomination 🙂 And guess what… No. 8 has happened to me many many times before! (not with French though) It always amuses whoever I’m with.

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