June On The Go!

Whew, was this month busy! Finished up everything to do with the Lotus Lantern Volunteers and thought there may be some downtime only to realize the semester would be ending soon and finals needed to be given and grades submitted. Any downtime that I did have was mostly spent capturing the new baby, Mae, sleeping in multiple locations around the house or in my lap or trying to drink from a straw. Oh yes she did… well try, didn’t accomplish the drinking part. Mae and Meyo are really getting along now and pass out together often seemingly holding paws or touching in some other humanly way I’ve managed to instill in them, which is uber adorable. Summer is finally here, which means color, tank tops and beaches to me. I’m trying more Korean recipes as well baking my bread and cookies and now have time to work on my postcard shop (more info to come). Some of my own postcards can be seen above. We found a beer warehouse, hence Jae-oo and his huge beer above and went out for some Korean delicacies including duck and raw fish. July will probably be even busier with Every Single Day concerts, festivals and places to go even though I’m not working, but so it goes. Thank you June for being so delightful.

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