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ESD clapping at club ta

Head on over to Red Bull Live on the Road and vote, vote and vote again for Every Single Day! They’ve got another chance to make it on tour with Red Bull Live, but they need a little help from friends and fans. The site is all in Korean, but if you follow the link and click the red button on the right of the screen above the YouTube video a window will pop up. Click on the Facebook icon in that window and it’ll count your vote. It doesn’t connect to Facebook, it just needs to verify who you are since you can only vote once a day. After you’ve done that, the red button should turn grey and then you know your vote counted. Go vote vote vote, play the video while you’re there and even leave a comment to root ’em on. Thanks for the support folks!

ESD Sung-nam Moon

Singer and Bassist: Sungnam Moon

ESD Guitarist Jae-oo Jeong

Guitarist: Jae-oo Jeong

ESD Drummer Hyo-yung

Drummer: Hyo-yung Kim

ESD at Club ta 3Keyboard and Synth: Tae-sung Bae

About the band:

Every Single Day was formed in Busan in 1997 with singer and bassist Sung-nam Moon, guitarist Jae-oo Jung, and drummer Moon-chul Gang. In 1999 the band relocated to Seoul to release their first album entitled Broken Street.

In 2000 Moon-chul Gang left the band and was replaced by drummer Seung-won Choi. In 2001 their first EP entitled Happy Birthday was released. In 2004 they released their self titled, Every Single Day, album. In 2007 they released their third album entitled Tom’s Diary and shortly after Seung-won Choi left the band to be replaced by drummer Hyo-jun Yoo.

In 2008 the band released their fourth album entitled The Bright Side.

In 2009 the band joined the efforts of the World Toilet Association(WTA), a group inaugurated in 2007 to help the 2.5 billion people throughout the world who currently suffer from the lack of toilets. They believe that the improvement of toilets is fundamental to the dignity and social development of all human beings.
Every Single Day wrote and produced 3 songs with Korean and English versions to help promote this great association in their efforts. You can check out this group at and become a toilet angel today.

In 2010 Every Single Day wrote and produced the music for the hit drama ‘Pasta’ in Korea. Their songs, including Lucky Day as the credit song, were featured throughout the show.

In 2011 Every Single Day wrote and produced the music for the hit drama ‘My Princess’ with the actors Kim Tae-hee and Song Seung-hun. The two part OST included their bands original songs “Change” and “Falling” among others. Later in the year they released their fifth album Moment.

In 2012 the band continued their drama music success writing and producing music for the MBC drama Golden Time. They followed that up by releasing their fifth album Moment.

Continuing their push into the drama music scene, they wrote and produced the music for the drama Cheongdamdong Alice from the end of 2012 through the beginning of 2013.

ESD at Club ta

Photos from their recent concert at Club Ta in Hongdae, Seoul, Korea on April 19, 2013. Support the arts!

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