Airan Kang: The Luminous Poem

Gallery Simon is hosting Airan Kang’s solo exhibition The Luminous Poem. The exhibition showcases her well known book shaped objects made of plastic and LED lights. These works have become her trademark since she started making them in 1997. As you walk along the shelves looking at the books you’ll recognize most if not all of the well known titles she has duplicated. Though the covers have been duplicated the books themselves are empty.

The second floor was even more surprising with a shelf of 10 books from well known authors to choose from. Once chosen and placed on a shelf inside the main room it turned into a poem of the book recited on speakers around and words started blinking across the walls. Ushered into the the large structure in the center of the room, shaped like a book, one becomes a part of the story with the words flickering on the sides all around.

Her works continue on up to the third floor and will remain here until May 29th.

Gallery Simon

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