Television 12: Gallery AND Cafe

As I said in an earlier post, I decided to find those galleries in Hongdae that I’d been neglecting the past few months due to the overwhelmingness of art in the cafes and streets of Hongdae as it is. Television 12 is the best of both worlds with a gallery on the second floor and a cafe on the first filled with a plethora of art itself. Down on the rowdier end of Hongdae, but tucked just back far enough away from the main thoroughfare it’s a nice place to spend a couple hours and gives way to conversation when you find yourself stuck with nothing to say. There’s plenty around to comment on.

Established in 2008 they host work by both local artists as well as international artists.

The owners explain, “the name “Television” is delivered from two simple words, “Tell” and “Vision”. “Tell” is a symbolic expression for the cafe while “Vision” is for the gallery. The number “12” refers to the opening hours of the space, 12 noon, 12 mid night, and 12 months.”

I couldn’t actually go to the gallery as they were gearing up for an exhibition called DVRLND CHAPTER 001 by PAIK SEUNG MIN which will run from May 4 until May 18 with an opening reception on May 4 at 6PM. But the cafe made for a good afternoon as usual anyway. Prices are fairly standard for the area and being set back from the main road makes it nice for some quiet afternoon socializing.

Television 12

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