A Voyage to Silence: Soyoung Kang aka liilliil

Sitting outside the Gallery Chosun this little sign that read “A Voyage to Silence” caught my attention. Looking down the steps and seeing no one I figured what the heck? At the bottom of the steps was a sign in book and the artist’s introduction in Korean and English and what waited beyond the tall black curtain was anyone’s guess.

Soyoung Kang explains his taste for sailing and all of his adventures which brought about his “small wish to be remote from civilization with no man’s trace and record without any prejudice.”

Upon entering beyond the black curtain the smell of sea is the first thing to hit you along with the sounds of water rushing up to greet you. Once you’ve gotten your eyesight adjusted to the darkness you can see there is sand and shells on the ground leading up to the base of the installations. There are three main screens providing a difference from calm water to more turbulent waters and the speakers to provide the sounds that go along with it. One hidden screen sits back behind another and provides a glimpse from goggles under water.

It was interesting and provided a nice break from the outside. The sounds of the sea and the smells always make me smile and it did just that. “A Voyage to Silence” indeed. The installation will be there until April 20 so if you have some time around Anguk you can easily pop in for a gander.

Gallery Chosun

To get there: Go out Anguk Station exit 1. Walk about 100 meters and turn right, walk along the path with old walls beside you and you’ll see it open up to little shops, galleries and boutiques. Keep going and when the road sort of dead ends into a Paris Baguette turn left. You’ll see the gallery on your right just a little bit up the road.

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