Dual Realities: Han Sungpil

Ararior Gallery is currently hosting an exhibit by Han Sungpil called Dual Realities. The exhibit will be there until May 8 and urge you to go.

Quoting from the explanation provided by the gallery for the work “his subject is made by duplicating a duplicate. To duplicate the duplicate blurs the distinction between the actual and virtual object. Reality and virtuality hold the same virtual position on the printing paper. Thus, actual building is hardly distinguished from virtual image in his works. As the natural and artificial light is mixed up without borders, so virtuality and reality get entagled on his picture without borders.

As explained, his works really are a bit of a puzzle. Lines go where they shouldn’t and then the outside looks like the inside or vice versa. The fourteen pieces they are showing are worth a gander and since it’s free it’s a “why not?” sort of situation.

To get there go to Anguk Station Exit 1. Walk straight about 100 meters and turn right. Walk straight and when little shops and boutiques start popping up look for Arario on your left.

Arario Gallery

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