DMC Art Fence

Having read a few articles on the Digital Media City being built near my house in Sangam-dong, near World Cup Stadium I’ve been wondering what it’s all about. Today, on this fine weather day, I took my bike and hit the streams to weave my way over there after finding it on my Iphone maps and plotting a course.

As their website reads, “The DMC was designed as an eco-friendly futuristic new metropolis – the Sangam New Millennium City – through re-development of Nanjido and its surroundings. The DMC will become a global digital media and entertainment cluster where the environment, technology, culture, industry, investment and innovation converge. It will be a state-of-the-art complex for the development, production and distribution of cultural contents.”

It sounds pretty amazing. Currently it’s under construction and won’t be finished until 2015”ish”. Because of the construction there are buildings there and shops have bought up their spaces in hopes that it will be profitable later, but as it is there weren’t really people there at all. That made me happy since Jae-oo and I had the roads to ourselves and our bikes. It looks like a future Mok-dong type area but with more tech and media businesses. Apparently the TV companies such as MBC and SBS, etc. will all be moved here when it’s completed.

Because much of five blocks of area is under construction and it could be pretty ugly to look at the ‘Art Fence’ idea was created. The barriers constructed to protect people from building materials, 7, 421 meters of it, has been turned into the ‘world’s longest street museum’. I read that and wondered what kind of ‘museum’ they’d created.

“A motif was borrowed from the four elements – water, fire, earth and wind – of Gaston Bachelard, the French philosopher. Each element exists as an individual unit and shows a new world through combination with other elements. By adding media (light) as the fifth element, a more complete form is delivered. The overall theme is ARTPIA, an ideal world of art, and the DMC becomes an idealistic world of art. The DMC meets the five elements and illuminate light.”

If you can’t bike there like me you can take a subway and get off at Digital Media City Station on line 6, take exit two and you’ll walk straight a block or two and turn right. It sort of pops up in front of you and if you forget you’re just looking for construction blockades you could pass some of hte Art Fence and not realize it.

Dightal media City Art Fence

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