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Would you like to take a tour while you visit or stay in Seoul?

Two travelers that have made Seoul their home want to show you the local side of the city.

From traditional eats in local markets to winding historical streets in some of Seoul’s oldest districts, we are here to guide you. The Soul of Seoul Tours Hallie & VanessaWho are we? We are Hallie, the writer and photographer for this blog that you have visited, and Vanessa, a friend and fellow traveler that has made Seoul her home. 

Let us, or one of our trusty helpers, be your trusty guide.The Soul of Seoul Tours NotebooksOur tours are all about promoting exploration. As we take guests to some of the sites that we, along with the locals, love most in this city we point out other sites nearby that are also great to stop by for a visit. We take visitors off the beaten path and even sometimes stay on the beaten path, but all the time providing insight into daily life in the area as well as historical information and cultural information. The Soul of Seoul ToursJoin us for a tour today!

The Soul of Seoul Tours

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The Soul of Seoul Tours: Hanboks, Tea & GoldThe Soul of Seoul Tours: Hanboks, Tea & GoldWe also plan events for expats and foreigners in Korea from traditional to quirky and everything in between. Check out our website for more information.

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