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Korean Eating: Let’s Eat Feet!

Two Korean dishes that I personally enjoy fairly commonly are made up entirely of feet. In Korea, chicken feet is made with a spicy red pepper sauce and if you’re lucky they have already been de-boned.

Seoul, Korea: Mapo-gu Mangwon Traditional Market, fruit and veggies 5

Mangwon Traditional Market’s Good Eats

Mangwon Market is our local traditional market. It’s nothing fancy like Gwangjang Market downtown with its rows of food stalls, vintage section and Hanbok section but, Mangwon Market has some good eats and it’s within close proximity to Hongdae and the Han River so it’s easy to stop by, grab some food and be on your way.


Korean Cooking: Janchiguksu (잔치국수)

Janchiguksu 잔치국수 is a common meal in Korean homes while also common at wedding buffets and other major events. It’s a warm and light soup that fills you up without weighing you down. It is one of my all time favorites that I could eat anytime. It’s a pretty straightforward noodle soup with fish broth and some vegetables to top it off. It’s a good basic Korean soup to learn and from there, you can shoot for the more difficult stews.