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Art: Painting Experience with babies 0

Painting With Babies

At this point with the little one we’ve realized that almost anything will undoubtedly now be a messy endeavor which has caused me to step...


Learning Korean Can Be Laugh Out Loud Funny

Learning a new language is a difficult task for anyone. Some of my favorite words or phrases are the ones that are just so literal in my own language that they are hilarious. Here have been some of my favorites that I still try to splice into conversation even if it’s just to make myself chuckle a little.

War and Women's Human Rights Museum, Seoul, Korea 4

Only 53 Halmoni Remain

In January of this year, two halmoni, or former comfort women, passed away and now there are only 53 remaining. Comfort women is a euphemism for women that were coerced into sexual slavery by Japan during WWII. These women now preferred to be called halmoni, or grandmother in Korean, because they were anything but comfortable or comforted in the situation they were forced to endure.