Bamboo… Theme Park?

Anytime “theme park” is in the title of a place in Korea I’m being led to a small part of me sighs with the anticipation of a let-down to come.

I’m just not a traveler into the manicured views and childish fads. I prefer nature, old architecture and culturally relevant stops personally. On a recent trip to Geoje for a business meeting, my host took me to the Bamboo Theme Park or the Maengjongjuk Theme Park (맹종죽테마파크). I was pleasantly surprised when we came upon the natural 90,000 square meter bamboo forest on the side of a hill.Geoje, Korea: Bamboo Theme Park

Geoje, Korea: Bamboo Theme Park

Of course there were quirky little things along the way like any good Geoje, Korea: Bamboo Theme Parktheme park would have but there were mostly tall looming bamboo stalks everywhere we looked. The paths led immediately into the forest and then to some benches that were positioned so that when sat on the back and head leaned back to stare up into the abyss of bamboo leaves above. The smallest bit of blue sky peeping through the leaves adds to the meditative nature of the surroundings. After a good rest, the paths, which are posted with signs so that were there numerous people, which there is doubtful to be, everyone would be walking in one direction so that the peaceful nature is kept in cue. To walk through the forest only takes about 45 minutes, but it could take longer if you’re hoping to relax and de-stress in the calm surroundings.

Continuing on there’s also a zip lining/ropes course activity which we didn’t partake in but would certainly be fun and I was told it is kid-safe too. Bamboo lines parts of the paths to be walked on in socks or barefoot for a natural foot massage and at the peak gorgeous views of the surrounding area can be enjoyed.Geoje, Korea: Bamboo Theme Park Geoje, Korea: Bamboo Theme Park

Maengjongjuk Theme Park (맹종죽테마파크)


경상남도 거제시 하청면 실전리 880

880 Siljun-ri Hachung-Myun, Geoje 656-823

Transportation: Buses 30 , 30-1 , 31 , 31-1 , 32 , 33 , 35 , 35-1 all stop nearby

Admission: W2,000 per person

Hours: Monday through Sunday 9:00am ~ 6:00pm

Phone: 055-637-0067



Bamboo... Theme Park?

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  1. Helena says:

    We’re thinking of camping on Geoje (Gujora beach). Maybe we can go see the bamboo too.

    • Hallie says:

      I hope you can. It’s a pretty substantial bamboo forest. Enjoyable though camping on a beach sounds pretty great. ^^

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