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This year, I decided to try and get more people involved on my blog and what better way to do that than a contest, I thought. The week that I sat down to think of things that people could win happened to be the same week that the Every Single Day Facebook page received a few messages from people abroad that wondered where they could get CDs. I reply to most of the messages on the ESD Facebook page that are in English, though Jae-oo still reads everything the page receives. By the end of the week, I thought an Every Single Day contest wouldn’t be half bad so, here we are.ESD 2011

How it works:

This contest is only open to residents outside of Korea. Sorry fans in Korea! You can get the CDs and see the guys pretty easily, if you ask me. This contest is for those fans abroad. Only one entry per participant will be accepted. ^^

Step 1: There are five questions below. A couple are easy, a couple may not be. Leave a comment below and answer the five questions the best you can by this Wednesday, March 18, 2015.

Step 2: Share a link to the Every Single Day Facebook page on your Facebook profile and tell your friends why you like them OR what your favorite song of theirs is OR what your favorite TV show that they have worked on is.

Step 3: The people that answer the five questions correctly (or if not enough people, the next people to answer the most correctly) will have their names put into a hat by yours truly along with Jae-oo of ESD to determine who wins which prizes.

Step 4: Check back on Friday, March 20, 2015. I’ll write up a post with the winners and if you’ve won there will be directions for how to get in touch so I can get addresses to send out the prizes. If any of the winners are found to be residing in Korea, then the next person with the 5 correct answers will be awarded a prize.

Step 5: There is no step 5! It’s only 4 easy steps to be on your way to winning a piece of ESD paraphernalia.

Freebird, 2010

The Questions:

1. In what year & where was Every Single Day formed?

2. How many dramas has Every Single Day written and produced the music for?

3. What country did ESD travel to this past summer (2014) to attend an awards ceremony where they got photographed on the red carpet?

4. What was the first drama that Every Single Day wrote and produced music for?

5. How many drummers has ESD had, including the current Hyo-yung Kim?

ESD 2009


First Prize: A personalized video from the guys + 2 signed CDs (Moment & Sky Bridge EP)

Second Prize: A signed set of drumsticks from Hyo-yung and a signed Moment CD

Third Prize: A signed Sky Bridge EP + A Sky Bridge release party poster

Fourth Prize: A signed Moment CD

Fifth Prize: A signed Sky Bridge EP

 Good luck and make sure to leave your answers in the comments below!

Facebook Comments

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12 Responses

  1. Christine Jung says:

    1. Formed in 1997, Busan!
    2. 7 dramas!
    3. Taiwan!
    4. Pasta!
    5. 4 drummers!!!!

  2. 1. Busan, 1997. I was 6 then haha.

    2. Eight! – Golden Time, Pasta, Pinocchio, Gapdong, I Hear Your Voice, Miss Korea, My Princess, Cheongdamdong Alice.

    3. Taipei, Taiwan! For the Golden Melody Awards.

    4. Pasta :3

    5. Four! 강문철, 최승원, 유효준, 김효영.

  3. SerenaT says:

    1. 1997 in Busan, Korea 🙂
    2. 8 dramas so far 🙂
    3. Taiwan
    4. Pasta !!
    5. 4 drummers

  4. Delphina says:

    1. 1997 in Busan

    2. 8 (Pasta, My Princess, Golden Time, Cheongdam-dong Alice, I Can Hear Your Voice, Miss Korea, Gap Dong, Pinocchio)

    3. Taiwan for The Golden Melody Awards

    4. Pasta in 2010!

    5. 4 (Kim Hyo-young, Gang Moon-chul, Choi Seung-won, Yoo Hyo-jun)

  5. Patricia Chica says:

    1. 1997, Busan, South Korea.
    2. Eight: 🔹Pasta (2010), 🔹My Princess (2011), 🔹Golden Time (2012), 🔹Cheongdam Alice (2012), 🔹I Can Hear Your Voice (2013), 🔹Miss Korea (2014), 🔹Gap Dong (2014), and 🔹Pinocchio (2014).
    3. Taiwan!!!!
    4. Pasta (2010)
    5. Four: 🔹Gang Moon-Chul, 🔹Choi Seung-Won, 🔹Yoo Hyo-Jun, and 🔹Kim Hyo-Young.

    I like Every Single Day music so much that I have bought The Moment through Amazon, but it would be nice if I can get one of your prizes 🙂 I’m exited. Thank you so much!!!!

  6. Nadja Lee says:

    1.1997 in Busan
    2. 8 ( Pasta, My Princess, Golden Time, Cheongdam-dong Alice, I Can Hear Your Voice, Miss Korea, Gap Dong, Pinocchio
    3. Taipei Taiwan, my country !
    4. Pasta
    5. 4 ( Gang Moon-chul, Choi Seung-won, Yoo Hyo-jun, Kim Hyo-young)

  7. Hanna G!!! says:

    1. Busan year 1997! ( Busan is like Seattle of Korea, I think.hehe)
    2. 8! (I ticked off Pasta, I Can Hear Your Voice and Pinocchio already. 4 more to watch!)
    3. Taipei, Taiwan! (Thanks for sharing the video on YT!)
    4. Pasta!
    5. 4! ( Excluding the borrowed friends during music festivals,hihi)
    I just noticed I answered everything in exclamation!Hahaha! I’m not sorry at all Hallie. Given the fact that I’m fuming the whole time coz it’s my fault for not opening my FB the whole day.Better late than never!!!!hahaha

  8. 1. 1997, Busan!

    2. 8 dramas in total! (Pasta, My Princess, Golden Time, Cheongdam-dong Alice, I Can Hear Your Voice, Miss Korea, Gap Dong, Pinocchio)

    3. Taiwan! (for the 25th Golden Melody Awards in Taipei)

    4. Pasta!

    5. 4 drummers! (Gang Moon-chul, Choi Seung-won, Yoo Hyo-jun, Kim Hyo-yung)

    Thanks a lot for thinking of us fans who are overseas. (:

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