An Artistic Accomplishment

This past weekend, I was an “artist” in a Crazy Multiply Art Collective showcase that was centered around inventions. I’ll be writing about the collective soon and their goals and endeavors in the future. A couple months back I decided showing off some of my other talents, though I wouldn’t call myself an artist, just a simple crafter who can’t stand not doing something with her fingers while she watches an episode of Project Runway or the like, would be a nice change of pace and a situation where I could push myself a little bit.

I think it’s important to always find ways to push myself and further the possibilities that are within me and this was one way I thought would be appropriate.

HBM Paper @ Crazy Multiply

I started making small collages some time ago in an attempt to send letters to friends that were heartfelt, handmade and because I found the cards available here not to my liking. Also, why would anyone throw out a magazine without cutting it to bits first and making pictures out of it? Friends and family have always seemed to appreciate them and with the push of one friend, I printed some up onto real postcard paper and started mailing those out. The feedback was impressive, but then again, when are friends and family discouraging? Sending them to my close circle of people is one thing, I had yet to see what people outside of them really thought and this was my chance to see.

The day of the event I awoke with a lump in my throat, “what had I gotten myself into?” I wondered. The lovely curators, one of whom is a close friend, calmed my fears and let me know that they would not have chosen me to be in their show if they didn’t think my work was worth it. That made total sense. If my work wasn’t good, well it wasn’t only me that was going to be let down, it was these three ladies that have started this collective as well and they wouldn’t do that to themselves. They supported me and so did my husband, who came to help hang my pieces on the wall. I think most of the lump in my throat came from seeing my work blown up to gargantuan size. Okay, maybe it wasn’t gargantuan, but when I make them they are small and postcard size and when they were printed on A1 paper, well that was just much more massive.

The event was set to run from 4 to 11 and I decided I’d head in around 7 to see what the vibe was. Before I had arrived, my friend messaged me to say that my postcards were selling really well. I had taken some to put on the table if people wanted to see what my normal work looked like. By the time I arrived, one of my cards was almost sold out. It was so great seeing people look at my cards and touch them and to be able to feel that validation from strangers. I’m not embarrassed to say that I was patting myself on the back the next day when I counted the inventory to find that I’d sold 59 cards at the event. I pushed myself and it paid off, literally and figuratively.

The Crazy Multiply Art Collective is such a great trio of ladies to work with and they were so supportive the entire day. I hope I can work with them in the future and continue pushing myself and my art.

Here are more of my postcards and they can be purchased at HBM Paper or at my next show… wherever that may be.

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  1. Emily Read says:

    I think this is great, your work is incredible! I know the feelings you’re talking about I recently did my first art show this past summer and it was a bit scary but it was such a great experience. I just moved to Seoul a couple months ago. I also make art and I want to find an art community and get involved in the art scene here, however, I have no idea where to even start. If by chance you can steer me in the direction of where to start that would be wonderful! Keep on creating your work is awesome!

    • Hallie says:

      Hey Emily,

      Here’s a subsequent article where I wrote a bit more about the Crazy Multiply Art Collective that supported me. They would be some great ladies to get to know and they could probably give you some pointers about getting involved in the art show around here. They are having an art auction in January as well, maybe you could head to the show and meet them. ^^

      • emilycread says:

        Hey there! Thanks for the info I’ll definitely try to get in touch with them. I read your other post and it sounds like they’re a great collective. Thanks for your help I really appreciate it!

  2. emilycread says:

    I think your work is awesome! I recently did my first art show like that and it was scary beforehand but so worth it! I just moved to Seoul a couple months ago. I want to find an art community here and start getting involved in the art scene, but I have no idea where to even start. If by chance you can steer me in the direction of where to go I’d greatly appreciate it. Keep on creating your work is wonderful!

  1. September 1, 2014

    […] up to Seoul in time to finish up the last preparations for another Crazy Multiply Art Show. After showing my own artwork in one of the shows a few months back and then being asked to start curating with the group and shadowing them for a show, this was the […]

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