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One way to get to know Busan is through its food. Not only is it famous for pork stew, one of my personal favorites, there are also fresh fish dishes that can’t be beat and certainly kimchis with a salty flare all their own. On the same trip to visit the Jagalchi Fish Market I was taken to visit Let’s Eat Alley (먹자골목).

Little stools surrounded old women dishing up simple yet satisfying meals to customers lining an alley with clothing shops on the sides.

The small stool was awkward to sit on at first and with my knees bent more than 90 degrees I was sure I was going to spill something on myself the entire time. Due to my awkward position, instead of the soups, I opted for the mini kimbabs (rice rolled in seaweed) and odeng (fishcake), which together are called chungmu kimbab (충무김밥), for my first time there. The bags in front of me were overflowing with sliced, diced and minced vegetables in spicy red sauces and rice wrapped neatly in dark green seaweed. The view was spectacularly colorful and the food tasted as good as my eyes promised my belly it would.

Let's Eat Alley, Busan, Korea

Let's Eat Alley, Busan, Korea

Let's Eat Alley, Busan, KoreaFor a cheap yet delicious meal on the go, this is an amazing treat in Busan. As it sits in Nampo-dong an area already famous with tourists for shopping and the PIFF plaza, the women are used to ogling foreigners and people that are unsure of how to order. Pull up a stool, take your photos, and then dig in and let your stomach enjoy. Really, there are street food vendors throughout the area of Nampo-dong with satisfying and delicious meals perfect for those on a budget, on the go, or just someone who wants to eat food on the street.

Let's Eat Alley, Busan, KoreaAddress:

부산광역시 중구 창선동2가

2-ga Changseon-dong Joonggu-dong, Busan, Korea


Bus: 5-1 , 6, 27 , 41, 8 , 9-1 , 17 , 26 , 61, 70 , 86, 87 , 103, 134

Subway: Jagalchi Station Line 1, Exit 7. Turn left at the first street and then turn right on the third street Gwangbokro, it’ll be down an alley on your left.

Cost: Dishes range in price from W2,000 to W4,000

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