May On the Go!

I take photos from my phone randomly like most people these days and some of them never end up in a post because I’m not sure what story they’d go with or where to put them, so I thought I’d start a new monthly post to remember each month. This is May On the Go!

This month was busy for me. I volunteered at the Lotus Lantern Festival that celebrates Buddha’s Birthday and as a volunteer attended classes once a week for two months. I learned about Buddhism and events and dances particular to this festival. The festival was great fun and I met some great people. You can see my team below. Go Banya! We took surveys, gave information, and we even got to push floats in a parade.

This month we also adopted a new cat. Here is little Miss Mae. Our older cat, Meyo, seemed like he needed a friend and a friend of ours had  a litter of kittens. It was love at first sight. She has a kink in her tail, which will stay forever and the first two times I met her, I called her Broken Tail. She’s just as needy as Meyo is, which I thought was impossible, but cute as a button. We now have two cats in our house that are more like dogs, following us wherever we go and sitting on us, next to us, or under us when we sit. I could honestly talk on and on about them and their personalities, but I try not to be one of ‘those’ cat owners. (wink) Maybe I’ll sit down and write about them one day for those cat lovers out there.

I tried on some glasses and wish I needed them, but alas, my eyesight is great and I don’t. But I really think they’d make my facial expressions that much more intriguing. And finally, I got a great new apron from my sister for my birthday. I’ve started baking bread weekly and I’m always a mess of flour when I finish, so it was the perfect gift and much appreciated.

I can’t believe it’s the end of May. I only have three more weeks to teach this semester before summer vacation. This month had the most days ending with my feet sore from standing so much than I can recollect in recent years, and today is no exception, so I’m a little glad it’s over, though I doubt I’ll be any less busy in the coming months. Here’s to a great month of May.

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  1. Looks like you’ve had a pawesome month! =^.^=

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