HiSeoul Festival: Homing Instinct

Eleven artists from overseas, five local artists and one project team worked together this year to create the installation art for the Cheonggyecheon part of the HiSeoul Festival under the theme of “Homing Instinct”. The instinct for salmon to go upstream to where they were born to breed each year, “is the energy for permanent life that makes us live dynamic and positive lives in spite of numerous hardships and pains”.

by Park Seong-tae (USA) called Casiopea Cross

by Park Jang-Saeng (third generation Korean-Chinese) called Service for People

by Jo Jeong-mu (China) called Otank’s Rock

Strolling along the Cheonggyecheon is always a treat but when HiSeoul takes over and transforms the stream into installation art it adds an extra cherry on top of the already delicious dessert. Continuing through Tuesday, May 10, there’s still plenty of time to take advantage of the sights and enjoy the lovely spring weather.

by Do Tae-sang (Japan) called Boundary

by Sim Eop (China) called Blue Sky Series and 2 other works “Real Men” and “Having No Desire to Live”

by Kim Jae-nam (Korea) called Speech Bubbles Series

Plenty more to see and HiSeoul also has street performances going on in various areas that you’re likely to just happen upon if you’re wandering or set off to find.

HiSeoul Festival

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