Boknal… Sambok… Whatever it is, it’s HOT!

Gangneung, Korea: Gyeongpo Beach Konglish

In Korea, the dog days of summer are referred to as sambok (삼복) or boknal (복날). Covering the span of a month, the three hottest days of the summer were traditionally a holiday for the farmers. Getting away to a … Continue reading

International Lifestyle: Moving Abroad In Your 20’s

International Lifestyle-Cover 1

Last year I was approached by some fellow expats in Thailand about writing a chapter for a book they were putting together. Laura Gibbs and Jason Berkeley wanted to compile stories from people that had moved abroad in their 20s. … Continue reading

The Addresses Are Changing… Again

Korean zip codes changing

You may remember that last year the addresses changed in Korea. Streets were renamed and buildings were given numbers in order to establish some semblance of order. Anyone in Korea, foreigner and Korean, will tell you that though an address … Continue reading

Brunch @ Flapjack Pantry

Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul: Flapjack Pantry

Ever on the lookout for a good reasonably priced western brunch, we passed by this place a month or so ago and I was intrigued. As an added bonus, I noted as I walked by, that they had highchairs! Yes, … Continue reading

Handmade Pizza & Craft Beer; Nothing Better

Jongno-gu, Seoul: Beezza pizza restaurant

After hiking around the portion of the Seoul Fortress Wall just behind Gyeongbukgung Palace the other day, my friend and I headed back to the subway station but not before stopping for some grub. As we headed back to the … Continue reading

A Weekday Hike Along the Seoul Fortress Wall

Seoul, Korea: The Seoul Fortress Wall

For my first hike back after giving birth, I’d say the Seoul Fortress Wall was a good choice. Not only is it ideal in the winter and the summer due to the upkeep it receives because of its location just … Continue reading

Finding Comfort with Create Wellness

Create Wellness Staff

Living abroad inevitably means new experiences good and bad and when the bad or maybe just uncomfortable strike, it’s difficult to know who to turn to. Where’s your mommy when you need her? Am I right? While Korean doctors may … Continue reading

The Korea Expat Film Festival: An Interview with Kevin Lambert

Korea Expat Film Festival Logo

The Korea Expat Film Festival is happening this weekend and if you haven’t heard about it, here’s a one stop spot to get all the info you need… along with their website. The festival will showcase almost 40 films from more … Continue reading