Independence in Tapgol Park

Tagpol Park, Jongno, Seoul, Korea

While it is unclear exactly when Tapgol Park (탑골공원) was first established in Jongno-gu, it’s relevance in the history of the city is unquestioned. The site originally housed Weongaksa Temple and remnants from that time are still visible on the … Continue reading

Wait, we aren’t friends?

Wait, we aren't friends?

“Thank you”, “Hello”, “Give me… please” and a few other words and phrases are among a handful of words that foreigners just in Korea learn and among them is often the word chingu (친구), translated loosely as “friend”. Foreigners splice … Continue reading

Heating Up and Eating Up

Gyeongpo Beach

The summer is about to heat up. If you thought the heat had already arrived, well you’d be right, but it’s about to get hotter. Sambok, also known as boknal or the dog days of summer, is fast approaching so, make … Continue reading

Garden of the Gods Magnificence

Colorado Springs, Colorado: Garden of the Gods

The final leg of our trip back to the States was spent in and around Denver, Colorado. The weather was gorgeous with blue skies everyday, not surprising considering they have about 300 clear blue skies on average a year, and … Continue reading

Pumpkin Side Dish: 호박볶음

Pumpkin Side Dish 호박볶음

What do you do when you’ve accidentally picked a green pumpkin instead of a zucchini from your garden and you’ve got a zucchini recipe to try? My answer: try the recipe anyway. At least they are in the same family … Continue reading

Seagrove Conversations

Seagrove, Florida with the family

White sand beaches and clear water so that you can see down to your toes. Sand dunes and protected areas for sea turtles and birds to lay their eggs. Just good ‘ole fun in the sun.  After New Orleans, half … Continue reading

Hanging Out in The French Quarter

French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana: Louis Armstrong Park

A block from our hotel sat the almost empty and very green Louis Armstrong Park. With benches, bridges and ponds to walk around and an extremely attractive main arched entrance, the park is a great place to have a picnic or … Continue reading

The Bayou is The Swamp

New Orleans, Louisiana: Swamp Tour

After a couple days of roaming up, down and all around the French Quarter and eating our way through restaurant after cafe after restaurant we were in the mood to get out of the area and see something different. Quite … Continue reading