Beijing, China: Lunar New Year & The Streets

Beijing, China: Lunar New Year

We had no idea what to expect for the Lunar New Year in Beijing but as another common title for the holiday is the Chinese New Year we expected that the locals would probably go big or go home. Just … Continue reading

Beijing, China: The Summer That Never Came

Beijing, China: The Summer Palace

Originally named The Garden of Clear Ripples, the Summer Palace, or Yihe Yuan, was built in 1750 and was used as a pleasure garden for emperors and empresses. The majority of the site is the massive Kunming Lake that covers … Continue reading

Beijing, China: A Great Hike

Bejing, China: The Great Wall at Mutianyu

Of course no trip to Beijing would be complete without a trip to the Great Wall of China and even if it was the middle of winter and temperatures were freezing, we were going to make the trip. We chose … Continue reading

Beijing, China: A Forbidden Adventure

Bejing, China: The Forbidden City

Winter in Korea can be frigid and the days can seem to crawl by when the winds are blowing strong straight into your face. Many in the Land of the Morning Calm start to dream of far away places and … Continue reading

What to Expect After Giving Birth in Korea

Familiy Photo

We’d made it. We had our bundle of joy and were no longer the expectant couple. We were now a trio ready to face the world… well sort of. First we had to register our babe here and abroad. For … Continue reading

My Top Ten Adventures of 2014!

My Top Ten Adventures 2014

This year was full of new adventures for me and for my husband and not all of them included travel. I used to think traveling someplace new was all an adventure could be but, this year I learned that adventures … Continue reading

December On The Go!

December On the Go: Baby feet

Have you ever seen those comics that show all of the different funny and amusing positions cat owners  eat in or watch TV in. The cat invariably ends up in the owners face to get attention just as she has … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas From My Family to Yours Twas Christmas morning and all through the house were the sounds of laughter and glee from me, to our new baby and even my spouse. Of course we’d awoken a couple times in … Continue reading

Basic Survival Rules For Drinking in Korea

Korean Food: Grill, Pig Skin

The basic game plan for any night out among Koreans is to last five rounds which cover five different locations and often cover multiple alcoholic beverages and food across a spectrum of delicacies. It may sound like a basic bar … Continue reading

How I Snagged a Korean Indie Musician

Seoul, Korea: Every Single Day at Evan's Lounge

This probably won’t be what you are expecting. I won’t be teaching you how to snag a Korean indie musician though the title would suggest just that. Over the years I have received a number of messages regarding getting lucky … Continue reading