10 Things to Know Upon Arrival in Korea

Seoul Subway Map

From getting lost just steps from the front door to signs in another language being of no use for navigation, moving to a new country can be daunting. If you’ve just moved to Korea, here are some tips and tricks … Continue reading

Did You Know: Walking On The Right Side is the Left… Or Is It?

Giraffes: Which way you goin?

Not a conversation among foreigners goes by without a mention of one or another flummoxing situation while living in Korea. One of the most common situations to be mentioned seems to be surrounding the perpetual confusion people have while taking … Continue reading

Every Single Day on Super K-Pop

Every Single Day

Check out the live performances of Every Single Day’s songs ‘에코’, Echo from the I Can Hear Your Voice OST and ‘모래시계’ Hourglass from the Golden Time OST. Continue reading

Let’s Eat Feet!

Pigs Feet Picnic

Two Korean dishes that I personally enjoy fairly commonly are made up entirely of feet. In Korea, chicken feet is made with a spicy red pepper sauce and if you’re lucky they have already been de-boned. Continue reading

March On The Go!

March On The Go: Mae

March was warmly welcomed in our house as the sun started to shine brighter heating up the breezes that were blowing and the flowers finally started to blossom. They blossomed just in time too because we headed to the States at the end of March, and are still here, to introduce the baby to our family overseas. Continue reading

The Spring Flowers Are Blooming In Seoul!

Seoul, Korea: Bukchon Spring Flowers

Don’t waste a moment! As quickly as they bloom they are dashed away again, usually by the onslaught of heavy rain that comes at the start of summer. Some of best places to see the beautiful flowers are of course Yeouido, but also Changgyeongung Palace and the Bukchon area are sure to delight. Of course, parks, campuses and just down the street from wherever you reside is a surefire place to spot a flowering tree as well. So, wherever you are, instead of watching your feet step one two three down the street, glance to the sky and see what you can see and hopefully it’s a flowering tree. Continue reading

Conversations with Koreans: Where are you from?


It doesn’t matter how much Korean I speak, or what I’m even doing, this question is bound to come up in every conversation I am having with a Korean. I guess it makes sense; I’m clearly not from here. However, sometimes I just wonder why it’s so common. Yesterday, I was just picking up some milk tea in my local convenience store and as I was checking out, the cashier asked… Continue reading

Mangwon Traditional Market’s Good Eats

Seoul, Korea: Mapo-gu Mangwon Traditional Market, fruit and veggies

Mangwon Market is our local traditional market. It’s nothing fancy like Gwangjang Market downtown with its rows of food stalls, vintage section and Hanbok section but, Mangwon Market has some good eats and it’s within close proximity to Hongdae and the Han River so it’s easy to stop by, grab some food and be on your way. Continue reading