A Landscape Revealed

Suseong-dong Valley

At the foot of Mt. Inwang (인왕산수성동계곡) an interesting thing happened a few years ago. During demolition of the Ogin Sibeom Apartments in 2008, a scene very similar to that of the artist Gyeomjae Jeong Seon’s (1676 – 1759) in his … Continue reading

The Simple Taste of Cod

Daegutang, Cod fish stew 대구탕

Not all stews in Korea are spicy, though depending on where they are served, some may be spicier than others. Daegutang (대구탕), or cod fish stew, is one dish that is very different if you pop into a shop to … Continue reading

10 Autumn Festivals Not to be Missed

Suncheon Bay Reed Festival 2014

Autumn is headed our way and as the summer heat leaves us and tank tops are covered with jackets and colorful scarves people look for still more fun to have before the cold winter chills take over. There are plenty … Continue reading

Deliciously Burnt

Jeju, Korea: Shin-seon Restaurant, Seafood Nurungji soup

Nurungji, or scorched rice soup, (누룽지탕) is one of those dishes that when it’s explained before you’ve tried it doesn’t sound appetizing. It’s as if someone left the rice cooker on too long, rice got burnt and instead of making … Continue reading

The Military Invasion of Jeju Island

Photo source: http://columban.org/13729/columban-center-for-advocacy-and-outreach/jeju-island-naval-base/

Most people that head to Jeju Island, known as the peace island, go with the intention of seeing the beautiful scenery from waterfalls and green tea fields to black lava sand beaches and palm tree lined lanes. Honeymooners go for … Continue reading

5 Myths of the Korean Husband

Jae-oo and Me

Since dating and then getting married to my husband, who happens to be Korean, it’s been interesting to get into conversations in which people tell me the stereotypes of the Korean husband. Admittedly, the stereotype conversation usually comes from Korean … Continue reading

Green Tea Fields & Ice Cream Treats

Jeju, Korea: O'Sulloc Green Tea Fields

The O’Sulloc Green Tea Fields and Museum (오설록티뮤지엄) is one of those places that is almost always busy with tourists to Jeju. That doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of space to roam about though. The cafe where guests indulge in … Continue reading

Biking Around Gapa Island

Jeju, Korea: Gapa Island

Gapa Island (가파도), the second southernmost point of Korea, sits just 5.5 kilometers off the coast of Jeju from Moseulpo Port (모슬포항) in Seogwipo. The island isn’t as famous as Mara Island the southernmost landmass of Korea, the other island … Continue reading

Legends & Grottos

Jeju, Korea: Sanbang Grotto

This mountain was the peak of Mt. Halla before it was broken off and thrown to this spot in the southwest part of Jeju island, at least that’s one of the legends that surrounds the Sanbang mountain (산방산) and the … Continue reading