The Soul of Seoul

Crazy Multiply: Malaise, Hallie and Amy Smith 0

Crazy Multiply: Malaise

The Crazy Multiply Art Collective was at it again this past weekend with an intriguing show titled Malaise. While I had previously been a curator and worked with the ever impressive Amy Smith for Crazy...

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Toilet Paper: The Perfect Gift in Korea

When my husband and I moved a couple years back, I decided it was high time we had a housewarming party or a jipdeuri (집들이) in Korean. We invited various friends and on the...

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Dongji aka The Winter Solstice Korean Style

Like many holidays, unofficial or not, in Korea, there’s something that should be eaten on the upcoming winter solstice, or Dongji (동지), so get your spoons ready! The winter solstice is celebrated on the...