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Crazy Multiply Art Collective: Malaise 0

Crazy Multiply: Malaise

The Crazy Multiply Art Collective was at it again this past weekend with an intriguing show titled Malaise. While I had previously been a curator and...

Pokhara, Nepal 1

Pokhara, Nepal

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mother holding baby 6

Mothers Are The Ultimate Multitaskers

This made me wonder what this woman thought of her own mother. I grew up in a single-parent household, though I wouldn’t say that only a single-parent raised me. My mother’s side of the family is a close-knit 70 or so people and that’s who raised me. My mother was raising three girls while working full time.

War and Women's Human Rights Museum, Seoul, Korea 4

Only 53 Halmoni Remain

In January of this year, two halmoni, or former comfort women, passed away and now there are only 53 remaining. Comfort women is a euphemism for women that were coerced into sexual slavery by Japan during WWII. These women now preferred to be called halmoni, or grandmother in Korean, because they were anything but comfortable or comforted in the situation they were forced to endure.