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Mapo-gu, Seoul, Mural 3

A Mural Along a Busy Road

There’s a mural along the street just near my house in front of what is now the old Mapo-gu Office. The office has since moved...

Seoul, Korea: Mullae-dong Street Art 2

Rooftop Art & Graffiti in Mullae-dong

Mullae-dong is an area that was once only known for it’s metal works but for the past decade has experienced an influx of independent artists that have set up studios in the area making it popular for another reason. These artists came to the area from places like Hongdae and Daehagno that, due to popularity, saw rent prices increase. Fortunately, Mullae-dong hasn’t seemed to have experienced the same popularity as those areas and artists can thrive in the grittier back alleys.

New York City 0

NYC: A Walker’s Favorite Place

As I’d never been to New York City before this trip and as the trip was only four days, I devoured as much information as...

Hongdae, Seoul, Korea 1

Hongdae… After The Party Is Over

Have you ever wondered what Hongdae looks like after the party is over and everyone has gone? The smell of food trash and alcohol mingles...

Ewha Street Art District, Seoul, Korea 1

Ehwa-dong: An Art Hunt In Seoul

Back in 2006, the Ministry of Culture & Tourism decided it was time to improve neglected regions of the city and one of the neighborhoods...