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Jesa Ceremony, Seollal, Chuseok 14

How To Perform A Korean Jesa Ceremony

Jesa (제사) ceremonies are performed to honor the ancestors that have come before and paved the way for those that live today and the Lunar New Year is one time during the year that almost everyone partakes in the memorial rite.

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What To Do If You’re Staying In Seoul for Seollal!

No matter what the people do, the city of Seoul ends up much quieter than normal and the busy fast paced city comes to a bit of a wanderer’s pace. Restaurants that are usually open 24 hours a day may not open at all so if you’re staying in the city, plan ahead, stock up on food and drink and enjoy some quiet time in the city and maybe make plans to head out to one of these places that WILL be open.

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Beijing, China: Goodbye

The Yonghegong Tibetan Buddhist Lama Temple is the biggest lamesary in Beijing. It was built in 1694 as the residence for Prince Yong of the Qing Dynasty. When the prince became emperor, he changed the residence into a temporary palace called Yonghegong which means palace of harmony and peace and his successor changed the residence into the lama temple that is now. Prince Yong, who had become Emperor Yongzheng, was placed in the temple upon his death in 1735 and his successor, Emperor Qianlong gave the temple imperial status. The status was shown through the changing of the turquoise tiles to yellow tiles which were reserved only for the emperor.


Glimpses of Seollal

This year we weren’t able to get down to Busan for the Lunar New Year, or Seollal 설날, to celebrate in the traditional manner with...