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Crazy Multiply Art Collective: Malaise 0

Crazy Multiply: Malaise

The Crazy Multiply Art Collective was at it again this past weekend with an intriguing show titled Malaise. While I had previously been a curator and...


A Crazy Multiply Sketch Night Is a Hit!

The Crazy Multiply Art Collective once again hit it big with the recent Transcribe/ Coalesce sketch night. With Crazy Multiply Transcribe/Coalesceeverything from musicians, installations, performance art and craft beer to boot, it would have been difficult not to enjoy the people and the space.


August On The Go!

Summer is coming to an end and I’m looking back thinking I didn’t get nearly enough beach time in. Then again, I was pretty busy...


Crazy Multiply!

Crazy Multiply is an art collective based in Seoul, Korea that promotes contemporary Korean and international artists. They aim to bring artists and musicians together...


An Artistic Accomplishment

This past weekend, I was an “artist” in a Crazy Multiply Art Collective showcase that was centered around inventions. I’ll be writing about the collective...