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Happy Chuseok! 0

Happy Chuseok!

Happy Chuseok from my family to yours. I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend here in Korea. If you celebrate like us, you...

Jesa Ceremony, Seollal, Chuseok 15

How To Perform A Korean Jesa Ceremony

Jesa (제사) ceremonies are performed to honor the ancestors that have come before and paved the way for those that live today and the Lunar New Year is one time during the year that almost everyone partakes in the memorial rite.

Busan, Korea: Seollal, Lunar New Year, Charye Ceremony, Jesa Table Setting 12

How To Set The Table for Jesa

On Seollal, before anything else, family members awake very early to cleanse themselves and dress in nice clean clothes. They may even wear a Hanbok, a traditional Korean style of clothing. Next, the table will be set. The table setting varies from region to region and family to family, but there are some basic rules that are followed everywhere.

Busan, Korea: Seollal, Lunar New Year, Charye Ceremony, Jesa Table Setting 4

A Chuseok Charye Ceremony

This past week was Chuseok in Korea, a three day holiday celebrating the good harvest. Chuseok falls on the 15th day of the eighth month...

Bongwonsa Temple, Yeongsanjae Ritual, Seoul, Korea 2

The Yeongsanjae Ritual at Bongwonsa Temple

The Yeongsanjae Ritual is performed for world peace and national reunification making it a fitting ceremony for Korea’s Memorial Day on June 6. It piqued...


Sajik Park and Old Traditions

A traditional gate opened onto a path that surrounded a walled in space that sits on the southeastern side of Mt. Inwang. Finding a gate...