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Why I Adore Ohio Autumns

Each autumn the colors of nature begin to change and the dazzling effects give me the comforts of home. The greens of the leaves that...

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11 Fun Fall Festivals in Korea

Fall is one of those seasons that is just dazzling, if you’re not staying indoors depressed that summer is saying goodbye for another nine months....

Fall Foliage In Seoul: Last Weekend of Colors? 0

Fall Foliage In Seoul: Last Weekend of Colors?

The peak season for colorful autumn foliage is upon us and if you haven’t had time to get out and about and enjoy this beautiful season that lasts such a short short time in Korea, this may be your last chance!

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October On The Go!

Are you applauded when you walk into a room? I am. It’s one of those humorous things our eleven month old does. When she wakes up, she sits herself up and then she claps or when I come into a room, she claps.

Happy Chuseok! 0

Happy Chuseok!

Happy Chuseok from my family to yours. I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend here in Korea. If you celebrate like us, you...