Ilsan Lake Park & The Upcoming Flower Festival You Shouldn’t Miss

The area around Ilsan Lake Park has become one of my favorite spots to visit. I really didn’t have the place on my radar until after I had my daughter. There are a lot of great kid-friendly spots in the area among other things to enjoy. The Ilsan Lake Park is pretty huge and hosts quite a few events throughout the year. including a great flower festival on the banks.

Since the flower festival is coming up this week, I decided to put together a little guide of what there is to enjoy around the lake so visitors can have a fabulous day out in Ilsan!Ilsan Lake Park, Flower Festival

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Ilsan Lake Park (일산호수공원)

Islan Lake Park is more than 991,000 square meters and is one of the largest man-made parks in Asia. There is a large fresh water lake in the center that the park wraps around with a bike path, play ground for children and plenty of space to spread out for a picnic. From April 27, 2018 to May 18, 2018, there will also be the beautiful International Horticulture Goyang Korea exhibition. The festival has been held since 1997 and features over 300 different organizations from 36 companies and showcases some absolutely gorgeous exhibits. Flower arrangements, cultural events and performances provide fun for visitors. For More Information on the upcoming event, check out the link.

Cactus Greenhouse (고양 선인장전시관)

Cactus Greenhouse, Ilsan, Korea: Hallie BradleyOne part of the park that I really enjoyed and that I missed the first TWO times I went, was the Cactus Greenhouse. It’s a pretty massive greenhouse with all kinds of different cacti growing everywhere. And some are truly gigantic. I had no idea they could grow as big as some of these. If you head to the flower festival in the upcoming weeks, be aware that the cactus greenhouse is on the opposite side of the lake from the flower festival so just head on around and when you see the children’s playground, you’ll know you’re near.

We had a great visit and one of my friends took the opportunity to teach my little person that there’s water inside of a cactus, but was also sure to remind her not to touch them because they can prick. Good reminder for all. Enter at your own risk and don’t touch the greenery. It is pretty stunning to look upon though and a quite spot on the opposite of the lake from the main entrance and boardwalk that many enjoy.

Cactus Greenhouse, Ilsan, Korea

Barn 110 (반110)

Barn 110, Ilsan, KoreaA spot that we hadn’t known about before we were in the area, Barn 110 caught our eye and so we stopped in and really we had quite the meal. All of us enjoyed the dishes and were quite pleased with the mixture of spices and herbs in the sauces. The plates were full and left us delightfully full in the end as well. A great place to stop in for lunch, if you’re not sure where to go and want a recommendation. The streets around this restaurant are also filled with little eateries and cute cafes so if you’re looking for the area to hunt something out to eat that isn’t a branch or big name, this is the neighborhood to head to. Check out the map below to Know Where To Go!

Aqua Planet Ilsan (아쿠아플라넷 일산)

Aqua Planet Ilsan, Ilsan, KoreaAt the north end of the park is this awesome aquarium called Aqua Planet Ilsan. It’s really more than just an aquarium though. There is sea life and sea creatures but there are also birds and a petting zoo on the rooftop with goats, sheep and ponies that children can ride. The first section is devoted to all things jellyfish and it is cool. Walk through a tunnel of jellyfish and then see the colorful exhibit beyond. Sharks, sting rays and more swim this way and that. Head through and you’ll come to a massive “Deep Blue Ocean” tank where lectures and classes take place. Sit wide eyed and gawk at the beauty of the sea creatures.

If you want to head here, make sure you get your tickets online in advance so you can get a great deal on the price. Klook is currently selling tickets for W10,000 less than what you’ll find at the aquarium.Aqua Planet Ilsan, Ilsan, KoreaA touch pool allows children to learn more about fish, seashells and other creatures. From there, head over to see penguins, beavers, seals and other animals. Head up to the rooftop and feed goats, sheep and ride some ponies… or if you’re a kid. This is a great spot to spend a couple hours inside with plenty to see. For More Information.Aqua Planet Ilsan, Ilsan, Korea

Zoolung Zoolung (주렁주렁)

Zoolung Zoolung, Ilsan, Korea, petting zooZoolung Zoolung is a spot made for the child in all of us. From the recognizable furry friends we all grew up with to the not so recognizable like the sugar glider and the sloth, there are plenty to see and some to feed too. There are toucans, parrots, lizards, snakes and a hatchery where you can literally watch chicks hatch and come to life. The animals have their own personalities and the staff seem more than knowledgeable about the animals. They are interested and want to educate anyone that will listen and those with questions.Zoolung Zoolung, Ilsan, Korea, petting zoo This is a great spot for the child and the child in all of us to meet and learn more about some very cool animals. There are scheduled programs where different animals are brought out and introduced. If you’re a parent, then at the end, there’s a play space and a cafe where parents can sit back and enjoy some java while the kiddos jump, scoot and slide, Win and win. For More Information.Zoolung Zoolung, Ilsan, Korea, petting zoo

Have kids interested in animals and outings? Here are some other great spots you can head to:

Know Where To Go!

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The Ilsan Lake Park & The Upcoming Flower Festival You Shouldn't Miss, Seoul, Korea: The Ilsan Lake Park, just outside of Seoul, is a gorgeous park that features a cactus greenhouse, bike paths and a children's playground but also hosts a massive Flower Expo each year. Check it out along with these other great spots in the vicinity this spring in Korea.

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