Art & Brunch With Gal Pals In Hannam-dong: Plastic Fantastic

This past weekend, Star Lengas from 87Pages was back in town, after winning a contest which she found via The Soul of Seoul’s Facebook page so make sure you follow me there cause I got you! The contest paid for her flight to and from Korea and hotel stays for a week while she was also shown around Pyeongchang and Gangneung in anticipation of the Olympics. Check out her page on what she saw because yowza! Since she was visiting and she used to be my Friday get out and about mate before she left, we had to hit the town in our best Friday meet-up manner… even though it was a Sunday. We headed to Hannam-dong an area we had previously hung out in for a few of our Friday jaunts. Don’t miss out on what else we found in Hannam-dong but definitely finish reading this post first… and then plan your Sunday out with a pal.

Plastic Fantastic, D Museum, Hannam-dong, Seoul, Korea

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Plastic Fantastic @ D Museum

Plastic Fantastic, D Museum, Hannam-dong, Seoul, Korea

First up was a stop at D Museum bright and early at 10:00am when they opened the doors. The spot wasn’t too busy though there were a few families and other couples headed in as soon as the doors opened like us. The museum is currently hosting an exhibit called Plastic Fantastic. “The exhibition illustrates the magical journey of plastic, the substance sometimes described as the 20th century’s miracle material.” More than 2,700 products including beakers, chairs, tables, lighting fixtures and decor welcome the visitor in. The exhibit is both humorous in terms of quirky colors and design but also a bit worrisome when you consider just how much plastic has really been produced and has become a detriment to the eco-system. If you’re interested in design through the ages though, this is a pretty interesting exhibit with some retro things to see.

Forty international creators were involved in this exhibition which aimed to show off the “decades-long collaboration between Kartell and giants of international design”.  There are six sections which include colorful quirky facades, mirrors and more. There are works by Anna Castelli Ferrieri who is known for bringing plastic into households everywhere, Joe Cesare Colombo, “the godfather of industrial design”, Philippe Starck, Piero Lissoni, someone known for minimalism and simplicity and more amazing designers… whom I hadn’t heard of before but am glad I did now. We clearly enjoyed the light fixtures, mirrors and hanging designs the best. There were spaces that I found appealing and others that were striking with some out there prints that were right up Arielle from Soju4Two’s alley. Plastic Fantastic, D Museum, Hannam-dong, Seoul, Korea

Pinks, blues, golds, yellows, blacks and whites. All the shades, all the fun.

Definitely don’t miss the fun to be had at Plastic Fantastic. The exhibit is on until March 4th, so there’s still a month to hop on over there and check it out.

Address: Yongsan-gu Dokseodang-ro 29-gil 5-6 (서울특별시 용산구 독서당로29길 5-6)


UnderPressure, Hannam-dong, Seoul, KoreaJust around the corner from D Museum is the two floor urban cafe UnderPressure. There are worn leather couches you can just fall into and cozy up in on these cold winter days. The coffees are cold.. or hot, however you order it and the sweets are delicious. The spot wasn’t busy on the Sunday we stopped in and that was perfect because you just never know when you’re in the Itaewon vicinity what you might find. Easy to find and quiet was just what we were looking for. There is ample space upstairs for couples or groups. If you’ve got a little one, this is also just across the street from a Lilliput Kids Cafe. Get the hubs to take the babe in for some playing while you meet up with your gal pals in this quieter caffeinated oasis in the area.

Address: Yongsan-gu Hannam-daero 20-gil 51 (용산구 한남대로 20길 51)

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OlPrima (올프리마)

OlPrima, Hannam-dong, Seoul, KoreaWhen it came time to really dig in to some food, we searched for brunch options nearby and happened upon Olprima in the Instagram abyss of beauty and intrigue. I have heard of a few brunch spots around those parts, but hadn’t heard of Olprima and it piqued our interests. Part cafe and restaurant and part living and style shop, there isn’t a TON of seating, but enough that we were comfortable. With about 25-30 seats and brunch plates that cost between W18,000 and W24,000, this is definitely a chic spot for brunch and that suited our girls day out needs.

The open face sandwiches were each different, tasty and filling. The eggs Benedict was a bit small when compared to the other dishes it was served with but Arielle said it was tasty. The French Toast was big and fluffy and pretty filling though we couldn’t figure out if the French Toast “Pondue” on the menu was a typo or they were intimating that the dip was a pond to dip into. Either way, every plate was emptied of contents in the end and everyone happily filled. This brunch cafe is also right across the street from the Leeum Samsung Museum which is another great place to get some artsy vibes before a bite. We headed in around noon or a bit before and were lucky to scoot right in and get a seat. After we were there, quite a few groups came in and had to wait for a bit before there was space.

Address: 742-19 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul (용산구 한남동 742-19)

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