Every Single Day: Korean Dramas & Olympic Dreams

Sometimes I forget that I have a front row seat to everything Every Single Day.

I assume everyone else knows what they’re up to so seldom write about the band or what my husband is doing with the band. If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ll know that I shared in an Insta-story a bit back that my husband was in the hospital with pneumonia which he basically got because he had bronchitis but was so busy recording and preparing for concerts that he neglected himself. To say he’s been busy is an understatement. That’s not a bad thing when done right though.

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Every Single Day, 2017 Busan Rock Festival, Busan, Korea

This autumn along with his team, he was recording and producing music for not one but TWO TV dramas at the same time. Jae-oo and his team have never done this before. Previously when they produced for dramas like Pasta, I Can Hear Your Voice, Golden Time and the rest, it’s always been one at a time. But now with more than 10 dramas under their belt, their team of musicians which includes Sung-nam Moon and Jae-oo Jeong of Every Single Day, Sung-hoon Choi of Romantisco, Cha-sik Jung of Rainy Sun, Hee-chan Kang formerly of Ann and Rainy Sun and rounded out with the musical abilities of Gyung-sik Lee on piano decided they could handle two at once. Since my husband is a perfectionist, you can imagine the pressure he puts on himself. Two dramas is awesome, but then to add to that,

Every Single Day was also tapped to record a new song for the upcoming Olympics!

That’s pretty huge in my book. Everyone knows about the Olympics so that’s pretty sweet.

Every Single Day, 2017 Busan Rock Festival, Busan, Korea

Because This is My First Life (이번 생은 처음이라) stars Lee Min-Ki and Jung So-Min who have different perspectives on career, relationships and marriage. Lee Min-Ki’s character is Nam Se-Hee and he is poor. Jung So-Min’s character Yoon Ji-Ho is homeless. They are both unmarried and in their thirties but they start living together. It’s a contract marriage of sorts that turns into an intense and real chemistry which is what every K-drama fan is looking for, right? The song you should check out is “Star Figure” (별 그림) and “This Life”. With 16 episodes airing from October 9th to November 28th, it kicked off the busy season for ESD and the team.

Did you see it?

Every Single Day, 2017 Busan Rock Festival, Busan, KoreaInstagram Follow Banner Every Single Day, 2017 Busan Rock Festival, Busan, Korea

The second drama they began work on was Go Back Couple/Confession Couple (고백부부) which starred Son Ho-Jun and Jang Na-Ra. The married couple fights constantly and regret their marriage so they decide to get divorced. Just after the divorce becomes final, they go back in time to their twenties when they first met. It’s a drama about what-ifs, regrets and hopes and dreams for the future, all things that speak to fans that want to be invested in as show. The show had 12 episodes and ran from October 13th to November 18th. The reviews were pretty stellar on all accounts and the songs were just beautiful. If you missed it, make sure to check out the songs “Go Back” and “Perfect Life” featuring Mxxg. 

Watch it if you haven’t.

Every Single Day, 2017 Busan Rock Festival, Busan, Korea

While the dramas were in full swing, the opportunity to record a song for an Olympics album titled “Echoes From Pyeongchang”. Their song “Go Arari” is fun and moving and hopefully you’ll be hearing it all over the place in a couple of months when the Olympics are in full swing. They’ve already played it in a special edition Olympics concert which I’m sure there will be more of as the big event approaches.

If you want to stay on top of their concerts and events, make sure to follow them on Facebook and/or Instagram.

Every Single Day, 2017 Busan Rock Festival, Busan, Korea 2017 Busan Rock Festival, Busan, Korea


To round out the fun, after the two dramas airing at the same time ended and the recording for “Go Arari” wrapped, the guys wasted no time and jumped back in the studio to begin producing music for the drama Jugglers (저글러스) that is airing now on KBS2 every Monday and Tuesday. The show follows a secretary who has a boss who is completely uninterested in people. The show has been getting a lot of great reviews and is currently going back and forth between slot 1 and 2 for the time it’s in. The show features Daniel Choi in his first acting project since completing his military service and Hye Jung Kang who is back after a five year hiatus from acting. Listen out for the song “Get Me Now”.

Every Single Day, 2017 Busan Rock Festival, Busan, KoreaIf you want to learn more about the guys and the music they make, check out this interview I had them do after the release of their album Nothing Of It. OR check out this post where I shared some of my pictures of them in concert over the years. They are going to get busier and busier and keep producing musical hits that add to some awesome scripts.

Also if you wondered, here is a list of ALL of the dramas they’ve written and produced music for.

  • Pasta
  • My Princess
  • Golden Time
  • Cheongdam-dong Alice
  • I Can Hear Your Voice
  • Miss Korea
  • Gap Dong
  • Pinocchio
  • The Time We Were Not In Love
  • Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
  • Go Back Couple
  • Because This Is My First Life
  • Jugglers

Do you have any favorites?

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Every Single Day - Korean Dramas & Olympic Dreams: Every Single Day is a Korean indie band that jumped into writing and recording music for Korean dramas. Recent dramas include Because This Is My First Life, Go Back Couple and Jugglers. Have you heard their OST music?

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