8 Up & Coming K-Beauty Influencers To Follow

After attending the first Seoul Blogger Brunch some months back, I not only walked away with a huge bag of K-Beauty products from companies like COSRX, Eunogo, Tiam and more, but I had also had the opportunity to meet up with some K-Beauty movers and shakers.

Since I walked into the event knowing very little about what I was stepping into and didn’t know what half of the products in my bag even do (still learning what an ampoule is good for), these ladies have been an invaluable resource for all of my many questions. I consider myself a general consumer. A general consumer that didn’t know there was a difference between dry and dehydrated skin. If you laugh at that, well, that’s okay, I’ve never really had trouble skin so I basically let it do its thing while I did mine. But, it never hurts to learn something new so I thought I’d introduce some of my favorite K-Beauty You Tubers and Bloggers and let them tell you about some of their favorite Korean beauty companies. Let us all learn a bit more is what I say. Let’s dig in!

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Seoul Blogger Brunch, K-Beauty Event Hosted by 87 Pages, Seoul, Korea

Photo Courtesy of Soo Choi

1. Star Lengas – 87 Pages

On Hyggee

HYGGEE is a relatively new k-beauty brand, that has quickly found a permanent spot on my skincare shelf. With cutting-edge minimal skincare technology (MST), HYGGEE has created products using an all-in-one-step formula that simplifies and maximizes your Korean skincare routine. With HYGGEE your AM skincare doesn’t have to be 7-10 steps, instead, you can pare down your routine to 3-4 steps, which is ideal for beginners entering the world of K-beauty (and groundbreaking for me as I love the process of adding layers!) HYGGEE also uses beautiful ingredients throughout their line, I’m talking about Niacinamide, Pyrus Malus, Centella Asiatica, fermented goodies, and the star ingredient — birch sap juice! So, if you’re skincare is lacking amino acids, anti-oxidants, and anti-aging properties (one of my top skincare concerns). Of the HYGGEE products, my top favorites are the One Step Facial Essence in Fresh — which is a toner/serum/essence and perfect for oily/dehydrated skin) and their tightening & firming sheet mask (cuz I’m always on the quest for a defined jawline!). All in all, while I still love my 10-step Korean skincare routine, I do love having the option of minimizing products without sacrificing that chok-chok glow.
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2. Sarah Oh – Oh My Gloss

Sarah Oh

On Eunogo

Eunogo is an easily accessible online concierge for medical tourism in South Korea. They are linked to the most prestigious plastic surgery and aesthetic clinics so that you can get the best experience and results. Their services guide their clients from beginning to end. They have translators in English, Mandarin, and Bahasa so you can be assured that there won’t be any misunderstanding with you and the clinic. My past experiences have been superb and I would recommend them to family and friends. If you are planning on a visit to Korea, treat yourself to a K-star spa facial! Eunogo will be able to set you up with the best possible treatment.
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3. Lisa Kim – Beauty Bemused


On Be Mused Korea

Be Mused Korea is a K-Beauty online shopping and editorial platform specializing in introducing innovative Korean skin care brands and trends. We are a company founded by an experienced Canadian-Korean beauty blogger. Brands we feature will be focused on Natural/Green beauty and new leading-edge ingredients and technology. These brands will be Cruelty-Free, and follow international standards of listing each product’s ingredients in English*. The brands we currently have are Oneoseven, Earth’s Recipe, Atoclassic, Merbliss, A. by BOM, Mastiha Shop Korea, Corcell – we work directly with all the brands and have regular open communication with each brand.
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Do you want to have your own K-beauty treatments here in Seoul? There are tons of places to go and things to try. Here are a few good options to start with:

  • Join a professional Korean-style beauty consultation and experience. Consult experts and professionals regarding how to dress up and put on products suited for you and you alone!
  • Visit the Spa 1899 to get various spa packages to fit your needs from rejuvenation  to slow-aging treatments.
  • Stop into the Whoo Spa Nonhyeon, a spa popular with celebrities and clients traveling from near and far. You will be taken to a relaxing oriental environment where you will receive spa treatment using medicinal herb products from LG’s premium cosmetic brands, OHUI, Whoo, and SU:M.
  • Visit the popular Sulwhasoo Spa in Gangnam for unique treatment rituals, done by the most experienced of therapists.

4. Katherine Spowart – Skinfull of Seoul


COSRX have been my favorite brand for the past few years, and their rise to dominance in the international Korean beauty market is no stroke of luck. Their winning formulas, with powerful ingredients such as snail mucin and propolis, and focus on simplicity are what have given them the edge over many others. Their ingredients lists are typically minimal, meaning they’re often suitable for a wide range of skin types, including sensitive. Moreover, the formulations produce fantastic results, as confirmed by the thousands of positive reviews of their products found online.

Whilst I’m yet to try one of their products I dislike, I do have some star favorites:

  1. Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence- snail mucin is not a passing trend, but an established skincare power ingredient, and this product has firmly held its place in my routine for the past two years. It’s 96% snail mucin, and is completely reliable when it comes to soothing and helping repair angry, irritated skin.
  2. BHA Blackhead Power Liquid- this is a very mild, yet effective BHA liquid. It helps keep my pores clean and clear around my nose area.
  3. Acne Pimple Master Patch- I’m yet to find any other product that can help bring down angry pimples the way these patches do. They work overnight, and have never let me down. Pimples heal and disappear so much faster using these, and they’ve come to my rescue countless times.

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5. Unity Jackson


On Wishtrend

I love Wishtrend.com because it was one of the first Seoul based K-Beauty online stores that I found which offered all it’s information and ordering in English. They stock Cosrx and Klairs which are easily two of the best K-skincare brands and more recently they started their own line ByWishtrend. They actually understand that women are getting ingredients-savvy and won’t put up with magical faux science advertising anymore. They even gave a great YouTube channel where they teach you how to use the products they sell, which is great because Korean style skincare can be confusing if you’re new to it.

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 6. Taya Sunaz – K Beauty Unnie

Taya Sunaz

On Troiareuke

Are you a K-beauty skincare junkie? If you are then most likely you may have already heard of Troiareuke, but if not then please let me quickly do the honor and introduce you to this amazing brand! Troiareuke is a Korean skincare brand specializing in holistic solutions such as chroma therapy, aromatherapy and herb therapy for skin concerns such as anti-aging, skin hyper-pigmentation, sensitivity and dryness. Some of their best sellers include H+ Cushion, H+ Cream, Pore Control Mask and the ACSEN line. Here are my top Troiareuke products that you should know about and definitely try!

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7. Ashley Massey – 7 Seasons Style

Ashley Massey - 7 Seasons Style

On Tiam

Tiam is one of those up and coming K-beauty brands that I love. The brand has only been around for a couple years and are most famous for their bubble masks. They have expanded their product lines into targeted skincare concerns, including one for brightening (My Signature C-Source), pores and oily skin (My Little Pore Fix Source), and peeling (Aura Milk Face Peel). Tiam also makes 2 bubble masks as well as an anti-pollution scrub which are staples in my summer skincare routine.

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8. Dot Moore – Suki In Seoul

Dot Moore - Suki In Seoul

On Wish Formula

Wish Formula is a skincare line based on the technology of fermentation without chemical processing. Focused on boosting your skin’s own ability to renew itself while cutting out toxic chemicals and allergy inducing materials. The patented fermentation process helps each of its unique and customizable products penetrate more deeply into the skin. Natural extracts further support the fermented ingredients to create a safe yet extremely effective skincare routine. For more

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I’ve gained so much useful and interesting information from these ladies recently and hope you can as well. Let us all have radiant and moisture rich skin. Where do you get your K-Beauty info?

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