FishisFast: The Mail Forwarding Service You Cannot Live Without!

Over the years in Korea there have been times when there’s something I just CANNOT find and want to get from the States. There was that time I put out a call to get some Cow Tales shipped to me and then that time I was looking for maternity clothes that I just couldn’t find here in Korea. In those times, Fishisfast would have come in handy. Things like fitted bed sheets, peanut butter M&Ms and a few other specialty items can arrive at your door in just days… once you sign up and order them and all that jazz. While sites may offer global shipping, those costs can add up and I’ve often tried to find an intermediary that wasn’t my mother that could just pack everything up from multiple sources into one box to make it more cost effective. My mother is great at it but she also often takes her sweet time getting to the post office after everything has arrived. I’m a very efficiency-conscious person.

Luckily, Fishisfast really exceeded my expectations when it came to efficiency, platform design and communication.

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Fishisfast is a forwarding service based in the US. Users have a dedicated locker in a warehouse and when they receive packages, the items will be removed, photographed and placed in the locker until the time when the user would like all items shipped. It’s obviously more effective and affordable to wait until that locker has multiple items that can be consolidated into a single package so to test out the system I purchased three separate items from two different vendors.

To use:

Sign up for an account on the easy to use website. After doing so, you’ll receive your personalized address that will direct all of your orders to your locker in Delaware.

After signing up, you’ll receive a nifty email from Fishisfast with some relevant info including these tidbits:

Don’t feel rushed to ship your item right away

Often people feel rushed to ship their item as soon as it arrives in their locker, so they ship one item at a time. Instead, use Fishisfast’s 180 day free storage policy by shopping at your leisure, and take advantage of sales. Once you have enough items in your locker, ship them all in one box. This way, you save money because the 1st kg of a shipment is expensive but the more you add, the more you save.

Let us be your eyes

Fishisfast‘s photo-based item management makes it easy to identify broken or mishipped items. If you need more photos, or even a video, you can request directly in our app. If there’s a problem, we can return items to the seller for you! Now you can order with confidence because we’ve got your back.

Rest Assured, You’re Insured

Some people worry about their package getting lost or stolen. Fishisfast offers up to $100 of free insurance on eligible items, as well as the ability to purchase additional insurance for those extra special purchases.

We hope these few tips will help you have a better experience with us. If you have any questions, feel free to ask by replying to this email.


Fishisfast Team

Now the fun begins… shop shop shop!

I mean that literally. It’s much more cost effective to purchase things from multiple vendors to have Fishisfast consolidate the orders for you. While I know getting more parcels in the mail is exciting, it’s disheartening when you realize how much money you spent JUST on shipping.

Now we wait…

When the shipments arrive at the Fishisfast warehouse in Delaware the fun begins. They thoughtfully send you photos of the parcels and the items inside so that you are aware of what you’ve gotten. It’s almost as exciting as getting the actual box! Leave items in the locker while other things arrive. You don’t even have to check up on the site to see how things are going. They’ll send you more nifty emails. Here’s the email I got after the first shipment arrived:

Hi ​Hallie,

I noticed your first shipment arrived at our warehouse today. You can see the shipment’s details in your locker, including photos and weight of the shipment.

If you have more shipments on the way, no worries, they’ll be checked in automatically as soon as they arrive. Once everything’s arrived that you want to ship, you can start packing your first parcel by clicking the ‘Add’ button underneath the photo of the items you want to pack.


Thank you Ernest!

Packages can be stored for up to 180 days for free. There is a small unpacking fee ($2.00) but it’s a small price to pay in the end for all of the service and subsequent consolidation you’re getting.


I waited for a few things to pile up and then I directed the site to package everything into one box. You can choose to have items in large packaging to be removed in order to save space in the final box and you can have fragile items wrapped in bubble wrap. You fill out a customs form so that it ensures items will show up fast and without complication. After that, the Fishisfast workers will do the deed and they’ll email you when it’s complete. They’ll let you know how much the whole package now weighs so that you can choose a shipping option and be as informed as you can be. Your shipping options vary from FedEx to DHL Express with varied costs. I was able to receive my box in less than a week which I was pretty ecstatic about too. Fishisfast

The service and communication with Fishisfast is really impeccable.

At first I wondered how it would all work as I’ve never used a forwarding service (other than my mother). I was impressed with how much communication I received from Fishisfast. It wasn’t too much, but it was just what I needed to know when I needed to know it so I didn’t have to constantly wonder where we were in the process. The only issue I ran into with the process was finding a store that does NOT want to ship to the Fishisfast warehouse. There are some stores that will NOT ship to any mail forwarding services and I stumbled upon one that did in my excited shopping abroad frenzy. The Fishisfast platform does have a substantial list of tried and true companies that WILL ship and also a list of ones they know will NOT ship, so if you have a look at it, you can figure out pretty quickly which ones you can’t use. If you do happen to find one, you won’t get very far in the shopping process. When I went to pay on H&M, it just sent me an error code so that I knew it wasn’t me, but it was the address it disliked. I did appreciate how it recognized the issue right away so I didn’t have to then also go through a cancel and refund process with H&M. Fishisfast

Other than that one blip, the process with smooth, easy and I would totally use Fishisfast again! Sign up and test them out for yourself! Seriously, it’s a service that you’ll want to have just in case you need something from abroad that just isn’t available where you are.

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Fishisfast is the mail forwarding service you CANNOT live without. Looking to get fitted sheets, that candy that's just not abroad or some make-up in your skin tone? Use Fishisfast for their efficiency and cost effective services.

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