Brewing Beer & Drinking It Up at Eudora Brewery

Eudora Brewing Co. is Dayton, Ohio’s first and currently the only customer brewing facility in the area. Featuring a tap room, an on-site brewery with a pretty dazzling light sign and some good drinks, this place is a providing a pretty good boozy time in the Dayton area.Eudora Brewing Co., Dayton, Ohio, USA

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Before I even started my list of hole in the wall drinking locals that I was stoked to visit when back in Ohio, my mother emailed to say this new brewery up the road was letting people in to brew their own and we should partake. She didn’t have to ask me twice that was for sure. I’ve always been interested in the brewing process but honestly wasn’t all that interested in doing it in my house where any number of things, including cats knocking it over, could happen ruining a batch or worse, causing it to make people sick upon consumption.

At Eudora though, you can hang out and have some drinks or have some drinks AND mix up your own batch of brew to drink in a few weeks. It’s just that easy.Eudora Brewing Co., Dayton, Ohio, USA

And so we emailed, set up a time the day after we arrived in Ohio so that by the end of the month and just before we were set to head back to Korea, we could enjoy our brewed concoction at Thanksgiving with the family.

Our beer was a hit to our palettes and everyone that tried it.

Eudora Brewing Co., Dayton, Ohio, USASet up with a brewmaster to provide info and to be ever watchful so that nothing can go awry, the guys chose their Irish Red Ale recipe and were off. Because the brewing process can take anywhere from two to three hours, the brewmaster also helpfully gathered everyone at the bar first so that they had a Eudora brew in hand while they tried their hand at making their own. The guys took turns measuring the necessary ingredients which included caramel/crystal malt, toasted barley and victory malt along with yeast and some other cups of this and a pinch of that. The ingredients were combined and then placed in a large tea bag of sorts to be boiled. The process really wasn’t too difficult but it was great to be mixing it up in a facility made to do exactly this. While waiting for the boiling, the brewmaster also took the time to give us a tour of the brewery and to show us where our batch would ferment in the basement of the facility in perfectly temperate rooms.

The list of brews that are available is lengthy so that there’s really something for everyone. More than that though, they also allow you to adapt recipes. If you want to take an amber ale and give it a cinnamon twist for the holidays or add some orangey accents, they can do that though they do ask that you notify them in advance so they can mess with the recipe a bit. The brewmaster was extremely knowledgeable and answered all of our numerous questions.
Eudora Brewing Co., Dayton, Ohio, USABatches can take anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks to ferment and complete brewing. During that time, another fun part of the process is designing the label. All bottles that leave the premises MUST have a label on them and Eudora can provide a generic label OR brewers can design their own. There’s even a wall of labels that other brewers-past have designed for inspiration. As you can see on the bottles above, we went with “Winding Way Brewery” as an homage to the street my mother lives on and where we all come each year to see each other.

One great thing about Eudora is that they stand by their brews and the brews customers concoct. They ensure that there will be 40-45 bottles of beer in your 5 gallon batch and if there aren’t for some reason or another, they’ll offset your brew by giving you a jug of their own Eudora brew of your choice. If your brew doesn’t come out satisfactorily, they’ll give you their own brew to take or let you reschedule another visit. Our brewmaster said that of all the brews he has helped people make only one has come out a bit iffy but he added that even that one wasn’t undrinkable, it just wasn’t to the customers’ taste. For our own, it didn’t quite get to 45 bottles so they added a nice side jug of some Eudora beer and we were pretty happy with our boozy suds that were had on Thanksgiving.

Important Info:

  • Brew sessions can be scheduled for Fridays, Saturday or Sundays at 12:00pm, 3:00pm or 6:oopm.
  • Participants must all be 21 years of age or older to brew.
  • Brewed batches are made into 5 gallon (40-45 12oz. bottles of beer) or 10 gallon quantities.
  • Price ranges according to quantity and recipe but is between $100 and $200 per batch.
  • Brew it up solo or bring in a group, there are no extra fees for multiple participants.

All in all, it was awesome to experience brewing at Eudora with knowledgeable staff and good drinks in hand.
Eudora Brewing Co., Dayton, Ohio, USA

While I was stoked to brew and to drink it up while I did so, I’m not exactly the person to ask about the booze I sip. I like pale ales, IPAs and a hodge podge of other styles so I asked the writer behind DaytonTapd to give me a round-up of Eudora beers that he would recommend people try while on site. Whether you’re headed there to brew or just to drink it up, here are some of Eudora’s own brews that you can check out while there:

Sundowner Blonde Ale: 5% ABV, 17 IBU’s… even though I wouldn’t recommend this activity with any craft beer, this blonde ale is easily Eudora’s most crushable (as in, the most easily drinkable) beer. Golden amber in color, Sundowner’s aromatics consist mostly of malt with a hint of floral. The palate is malt forward with a subtle sweetness. Medium carbonation with a semi-smooth mouthfeel.

Far Far Away Pale Ale: 5.7% ABV, 41 IBU’s… brewed with Galaxy hops from the land down under, this Australian-style Pale Ale hits your nose with some tropical fruit tones while having a subtle floral tone to mix in. Once on the palate, your tongue tingles with notes of malt and fruit upfront while the hop bitterness takes over for a medium bitter finish.

Bangarang IPA: 6.4% ABV, 65 IBU’s… one of our favorite Eudora offerings, notes of citrus and pine meet you at the nose. With a secretive concoction of hops that goes into this recipe, your taste buds are taken for a ride as you’re met with notes of pine, citrus, a sweet caramel/toffee from the malts and an impressive bitter finish. Fun fact: this beer is made in honor of the late Robin Williams.

Mother Fuggle Brown Ale: 6% ABV, 28 IBU’s… we will always be a fan of clever names. Mother Fuggle Brown Ale seduces you with scents of malt on the roasted side, some chocolate and a very subtle coffee. The taste coincides with the aroma, but with a light hop kick and a small dose of caramel. The smooth finish is appropriate for this medium mouthfeel Brown Ale.

Thunderball Oatmeal Stout: 7% ABV, 35 IBU’s… it seems that oatmeal stouts are becoming the popular style of stout these days due to the oatmeal giving off a very smooth texture and mouthfeel to the beer. Thunderball is a pretty solid stout that doesn’t have any unique characteristics, but does hold its ground to other local popular stouts. There’s not much difference in the aroma and actual taste of this beer, as you’re given a healthy dose of roasted (but sweet) malt, chocolate/cocoa and some caramel/toffee goodness. Thunderball has a rich, creamy mouthfeel with a smooth finish.

Bee’s Knees Pale Ale (brewed w/ honey): 5.7% ABV, 37 IBU’s… whenever you add honey to the recipe, you’re going to get a sweetened beer. Personally, I wasn’t getting much on the nose to begin. While enjoying the beer, your tongue is met with a sweet note upfront (one could assume from the honey) that finishes off with a mild, hop bitterness on the backside. After having a second taster, the aroma came off as a malt and floral mixture with a sweet undertone.

Hullabaloo Barleywine: 9.5% ABV, 50 IBU’s… an English-style Barleywine aged with oak spirals, the nose is very forward with a malty aroma. On the palate, you immediately get the booze from this beer, but also are met with sweet notes of toffee and brown sugar. This beer had a limited release of 150 bottles, as well as on tap, to coincide with Eudora’s 3 year anniversary bash and Halloween party.

DaytonTapd really knows his stuff and I highly recommend following him to learn more about the craft beer scene in Ohio.

Eudora Brewing Co., Dayton, Ohio, USAAnother aspect of the Eudora Brewing Co. that I found appealing was their water initiative. Eudora donates a portion of EVERY sale they make toward funding a water project for those in need of clean water. The non-profit organization they work with donates 100% of the money contributed to them back out to people that are in need. The charity helps to build wells and water purification systems in schools, villages and clinics. For more information on their charity they work with, check out this page on their site.

Eudora Brewing Co.

Address: 4716 Wilmington Pike, Kettering, OH, 45440, USA

Phone: 937-723-6863

Hours: Wednesday ~ Friday: 3:00pm – 11:00pm; Saturday: 12:00pm – 11:00pm; Sunday: 3:00pm – 8:00pm

The tap room is available for rental on Mondays, Tuesdays & Sunday evenings.

Brew-your-own & Bottling Questions:


Eudora Brewery, Dayton, Ohio, USA: Eudora Brewing Co. is Dayton, Ohio's first and currently the only customer brewing facility in the area. Featuring a tap room, an on-site brewery with a pretty dazzling light sign and some good drinks, this place is a providing a pretty good boozy time in the Dayton area.

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  1. Sarah Kim says:

    This sounds like such a cool place because you can both drink beer and make your own beer. That oatmeal stout is right up my alley. Sounds yummy!

    • Hallie says:

      Yeah, since we had a few hours there brewing, we also tried just about everything on tap and all of it was great which just told us we definitely chose a good place to brew. It’s an awesome idea.

  2. Now this is my kind of day trip! I love beer a little bit too much haha. Now all I need is some spare time to visit Ohio!

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      Yes, you definitely should. Ohio has a lot of amazing things to do too from brewing your own beer to sleeping in luxury treehouses. You can even take a safari in Ohio.. legit. Great place to vacay. ^^

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    My hubby would definitely enjoy visiting Eudora brewery when we visit Ohio!
    Bookmarking this place! Thank you!

    • Hallie says:

      Thanks for bookmarking. YES, it’s definitely a great place to head to visit. There are so many beautiful and historic things in the area as well so grab a pint and then see some sites. Great day. ^^

  4. I’m not really a huge fan of beer, but this one is truly an amazing place to chill and you can enjoy the version of beer you want. I would love to check this place if given a chance. Thank you for sharing! I love your photos as well.

  5. Wow this is looks awesome, I love drinking beer in my off day at work. And this is looks so down good. I love to try new beer.

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