Crafted & Cured: The Perfect Boozy Pairings

Crafted&Cured, District Provisions, Dayton, Ohio, USACraft breweries are booming in the States right now. If the local tourism board isn’t jumping on that bandwagon, they should be because it seems everywhere you turn, there’s a new brewery crafting up delicious, or at the very least, interesting concoctions.

Crafted & Cured in downtown Dayton drew my attention as it is not only relishing in some crafted good fun if its own, but the owners have set up shop in a historical district of Dayton and have lovingly restored and updated the building rather than razing it and beginning anew. There is little better than sitting in a period building with beautiful architectural accents looking at an amazing bar and being served craft beer and cured meats and cheeses to sup on. That can’t be just me that thinks that… right?

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Crafted&Cured, District Provisions, Dayton, Ohio, USA

The building itself was originally part of the Dietz Block in Dayton, Ohio and has been standing for 130 years. John C. Dietz, the original owner, was a local druggist and set up shop at the corner of Wayne and Jones in 1886. Along with his own apothecary, he had other retail shops including H.M. Gitzinger Mantel Grates & Metal Co., a shoe shop owned and operated by H.G. Hueffelman along with a tailor shop run by Ralph Mer Lublin. Along with Wright, Kettering, Deeds and Patterson, local families that were the movers and shakers of their time inventing some products everyone uses today and building up the area (which you can learn about at Carillon Historical Park), Dietz was also known for his business sense. After the great flood of 1913, Dietz was among the families that chose to stay and rebuild and restore the area rather than taking what was left and leaving.

Simple brick walls with tall windows decorate the side of the building while the front is beautiful window storefronts directing entrants to the side to head in and peruse the goods. The original storefronts will soon be filled once again and inviting passerby in to not just Crafted & Cured but more great artisan shops.
Crafted&Cured, District Provisions, Dayton, Ohio, USA

The building eventually landed in the hands of the Blood Hardware & Supply Company from 1928 to the early 70s, thus renaming the block from Dietz to Blood Block, and then after a short stint as the Miller & Son’s showroom it sat without tenants for about 25 years. The new owners hope to remember past productive entrepreneurs that used the space and make the building home to some new shops that will be together known as “District Provisions”, a turn of the century style neighborhood market.

Crafted & Cured is just one of the few shops that will take up residence in this historical space.Crafted&Cured, District Provisions, Dayton, Ohio, USA

If you’ll be visiting Dayton, look into staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel or the Inn Port D’Vino which are both right downtown and within walking distance of Crafted & Cured.

Upon entrance, you’ll be whisked away to historic times by open beam ceiling and the immense bar on the right. The gorgeous Crafted&Cured bar back splash is decorated beautifully with hanging chandeliers and a tall wall holding glass jugs and bottles. The turn of the century cash register is just an exquisite reminder that the owners really are interested in restoring and showcasing the area’s history. (Did you know that NCR or the National Cash Register Company is from Dayton, Ohio?) To the left there is a cured meat and cheese station with attendants ready and waiting to provide just the right amount of tasty treats to go along with those bubbly drafts from the bar. They also know how to knowledgeably talk about what they’re serving up and answer any questions you might have if you’re unsure about where to start… like we were.
Crafted&Cured, District Provisions, Dayton, Ohio, USA

The menu of meats and cheese may change but currently includes:

  • free-range Peregrino from 100% Iberico pork from Spain that has been aged for two years in the mountains of Spain
  • 30 month old Prosciutto from Parma, Italy
  • Rosemary and peppercorn flavored Porchetta from Langhirano, Italy
  • Olympia Provisions Sweetheart Ham from Oregon that has been placed in a brine with juniper berries, herbs and garlic for 10 days before being smoked over applewood for 10 hours.
  • Maple Apple Smoked Ham from Montreal, Canada reminiscent of old-style charcuterie
  • Marieke Belegen Gouda that’s been aged for 6 months
  • Queso Ibores semi-soft cheese aged for 60 days
  • Igor Gorgonzola
  • Jarlsberg Baby Swiss with its famous sweet flavor
  • Japer Hill Landaff Tomme
  • Shropshire Blue Cheese

After selecting the meats and cheese you’d like, you’re directed to head to the bar to talk with staff on what the best pairings of craft beer go with each. This was interesting to my companions and I as we’d never had a beer tasting but had only been to wine tastings and thus had never considered what we eat with beer. Hamburgers, chips and other bar or pub foods were what we usually ate with beer but couldn’t be found here so this was a real treat. We found that it actually made quite a difference in how we enjoyed the food. (We figured that out because our beer came a few minutes after the meat and cheese and we couldn’t help but dig in a bit first.)

Crafted&Cured, District Provisions, Dayton, Ohio, USAOnce paired properly with the beer, it was really interesting to taste the different parts of the meats and cheese and the beer as well. It gave us all a whole new idea of how we should be dining. This space is perfect for a boozy fun afternoon, a special date night or some drinks and conversation with friends but it should definitely be on the MUST-SEE places in Dayton.

I LOVE visiting the States and drinking up some craft beer and finding this gem in Gem City was definitely a highlight of my recent trip back home.

Crafted & Cured

Address: 531 Wayne Ave, Dayton, Ohio 45410, USA

Hours: Monday & Tuesday: 3:00pm ~ 9:00pm; Wednesday & Thursday: 3:00pm ~ 10:00pm; Friday: 3:00pm ~ 11:00pm; Saturday: 1:00pm ~ 11:00pm; Sunday: 1:00pm ~ 6:00pm


Crafted & Cured, Dayton, Ohio, USA: Crafted & Cured in the downtown historical district of Dayton, Ohio is a turn of the century style bar offering meat and cheese parings with craft beer for a real treat. Best night out in Dayton, Ohio.

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    What a nice place and i love the interior of this place especially the chandeliers, it makes it looks so classy and has a vintage feels into it.

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